18 comments on “Ria Rabajante: what can she offer this time around?

  1. Ria registered so well on camera, but when on stage, she’s so bland and obviously nervous.
    Her beauty will be a hit in Miss Humanity Int’l, but a pageant as big as MU and MW, a BIG NO!

  2. Ria is 5’6 something pero hindi umabot sa 5’7 na post na dati yun dito during bb.pilipinas days!! She look taller dahil sa mataas na bun niya! Megan is 5’8 very pretty mestiza! Although ria has filipina beauty like janine!,, Megan is the right winner!! Oh diba siya lang ang handpicked ni jonas sa mga alaga niya! Kase tiwala siya! Siya na at wala ng iba!! Opinion ko lang po! Para sakin siya na!

  3. She’s beautiful. I love Ria’s face and her dusky exotic looks. I support her run for Miss World, however, I think the deck is already stacked (deservingly) in Megan’s favor this year. But that’s only my personal opinion. I’m sure there are others who differ. In any case, I extend my best wishes to the three best MWP candidates of 2013: Ria, Megan, and Patricia. 🙂

  4. I’m tired of the same old, boring mold of pageant girls. This girl is different in a very good way. Whatever she lacks in height, she makes up in personality, presence and attitude.

  5. She has an amazing cat walk… Other than that, nothing else… Sorry.

    She’s too short.
    Her smile looks too tight.

  6. She’s one of my faves during BBP 2013, but she failed to make the cut…
    Who knows what this girl can achieve?. Remember, Lara Quigaman, she joined BBP in 2001 but failed to enter the semis, then she tried again in 2005 and clinched the BBP International title. And she was destined to be crowned Ms. International 2005.

  7. Canada chosen a full blooded Filipina… Megan at least beautiful half blooded Fil/Am. Its time to try and support a popular FIlipina who’s been dreaming to be a beauty queen.

  8. TOO SHORT! Enough said about this girl… She has no chance in international pageants. She’s no Olivia.

    • Hell to the damn no she’s no Olivia… she’s WWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY better!

  9. Maybe top 10. I understand Ms. Cory Q is looking for at least a 5’8″ winner. Ria was candidate no. 1 in Bb. P Gold so she must be around 5’4″-5’5″.

    • your logic is invalid. you have not seen her in person. she’s actually tall around 5’7 to 5’8. and if i’m not mistaken, the candidates during the bb. pilipinas this year were taller than the previous editions (i.e. the shortest candidate was 5’6″)

      • I have a feeling Ria will joining BBP2014 (assuming Megan will be this year’s MW). I can see her on top 10 but not as the winner even if I like her despite of her inconsistencies during this year’s BBP

    • Saw Ria in person at the mall..
      Only then that it became obvious to me that she’s actually a bit taller than Ara Arida..
      She may look shorter in her photos due to her head to shoulder ratio..
      But it is true that she is quite a head turner in person even without make-up.

  10. she actually looks striking in person without make up. you cannot miss her in a crowd adding the fact that she’s tall.

    i hope she makes it and do away with that too bent back when standing. it’s high time for MWP to choose a rep who is not more of a caucasian than asian.

  11. I love this girl despite the chin. Very different from Leggett’s. She’s regal and confident. That head deserves a crown!

  12. Norms…I remember when you put her picture without make up, completely changed my top 5 with Bb.Pilipinas and removed her. So sorry she is not my choice!

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