13 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2013: the final screening that was never finalized

  1. Punyeta! Wala na bang mag aapply na me laban!?!!!

    Spoiler Alert!!! At this rate, Meagan Young will obviously win!?!

    Asan na ang mga baklang Diva Montelaba, Rich Assuncion, & Nikita McElroy?

    To Isabel Daza, last chance mo na! Naunahan ka pa ng mga Super Sireyna!?!

    To Charmaigne Elima, itigil mo na yang training sa PAL.. eye-bags lang maidudulot nyan!

    To Charo Ronquillo, try mo na mag beauty pageant! Isa ka pa, tumatanda ka na!

    To Danica Magpantay, it’s you chance to prove na maganda ka and makatikim ng rice!

    To Sarah Labati, itigil muna ang pagbubuntis, mag pageant ka muna!


    • Asan na yang Mariel De Leon nyo?!

      Siguro naman pumayat na sya?!

      Eto na ang pageant na bagay sa kanya!!!

  2. Just give Meagan Young the MWP 2013 Crown!

    1st Princess- Ria Rabajante
    2nd Princess- Patricia Tumulak
    3rd Princess- Samantha Bernardo
    4th Princess- Contestant #5 (although she’s quite short)

      • Nahh, I really mean Patrica Tumulak.. She should join this year at 25 years old…
        Ejercitado should’ve tried Mutya ng Pilipinas instead where she has a greater chance of winning..

  3. Ang sabi ng mahaderang si Cory Quirino, hindi naman raw kailangan pa ng mahabang training dahil ang mismong local pageant ay training na in itself.
    Yan ang sabi ng lola nyo sa isang interview.
    Ang sarap hamapasin ng gusali itong si Cory, tingnan ko lang kung hindi pumutok ang putok na putok nyang cheekbones.
    Thanks to Botox.,

  4. Sir Norms, bakit parang disorganized ang MWP? Parang last year din, kung kelan malapit na ang Miss World, saka pa lang gagawin ang local pageant. Why not stage it 2-3 months earlier? Problema ba sa logistics & funding?

    • I can only second-guess the reasons behind. Perhaps, they thrive under time pressure. Funding could also be a possibility.

  5. The others couldn’t make it on time? REALLY?!?!?! Was there a typhoon or earthquake that caused them not getting there on time? It may have been short notice but if one is truly determined to be part of this, I’d think one would walk, run, swim, crawl, take a Jeepney, bus, bicycle to get there on time. At this point in time, let them come and fill out an application FOR NEXT YEAR! That way, we can all be certain that they’re on time for 2014.

    • I firmly believe, that these so-called late comers or NO-SHOW aspirants….. are withdrawing. They all know that they are just wasting their times….. since it’s MEGAN YOUNG pageant. Next year na lang sila bumalik. Let the pageant begins without them.

  6. Ano ba bigay na lang kay megan ang crown period, may extension pa daw! Kitang kita na ang panalo! Waste of time lang!

  7. Omg the girl in pink! I’m all for inclusion and diverse looks but this is pushing it. This is Megan’s competition … Just give meg the crown and save the expense .

  8. NO. Don’t wait for late comers. If they can’t make this deadline, what makes you think they can be suitable to compete in Miss World which is literally just weeks away! Just narrow the present field down to the 10 best candidates you’ve got. That should be simple to do. Then proceed from there. This is what Miss Czech Republic did. Having said that, I still think Megan Young is the most beautiful and the best prepared, and if I were Cory Q., I would just halt all proceedings now and place the MWP crown atop Megan’s lovely head, then focus on training her in what little time remains including wardrobe fittings, and more importantly, involving Megan in worthy charitable causes to build a Beauty with a Purpose portfolio for her, right up until she boards that plane for Indonesia!

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