19 comments on “Patricia Lae Ejercitado gives it one more shot

  1. patricia’s look has changed a LOT..saw her several times sa rob gale and when i watched bbp 2013..she is really a headturner..she has the beauty, the height, the body, and the brain..im really rooting for her..if ever she will not win this, i hope she will join miss earth or mutya next year..i have this feeling that she has what it takes to give our country another beauty pageant crown anytime soon..she is just 23 (turning 24 in december i guess) which means she still has 2 more years (tama ba? haha)..go lang ng go patricia..i believe in you.. 🙂 haba dba haha

  2. I’m afraid she won’t make it again. However, her body is to die for and a runner up finish might be the farthest she can get. I for some reason (between the two of them) would want to have Ria for the win. I think Pat’s total package isn’t the BBP and MWP prototype and her nose (or maybe it’s just me) is quite annoying. Oh please forgive me for saying so.

  3. I remember this girl… She’s incredibly photogenic, but for some reason, she does not look that pleasing in person… Though in photos, she registers very well.

    How tall is she?

  4. she looks like Charice pempengco when charice is still sporting long hair and girly..:)..but not in a bad way okay

  5. 2011 Filipino- French (Gwendolyn Ruais) , 2012 Pakistani-Filipino ( Queneerich Rehman ) 2013 -.Filipino American ( Meagan Young) ? May pattern ba? lol

  6. I really like the determination of this exotic lady from Malaybalay, Bataan.
    Pat should be in the top 5 of Binibining Pilipinas 2012 instead of Ali Forbes Park.
    If Meagan will not be the ultimate winner, which I think is very unlikely to happen, Pat deserve the title.
    And to Pat, I have this line to say………………………………………………………
    Close the door…………Close the door, when you leave!

  7. She is sophisticated yet very Filipina which I think is perfect for Mutya. Her face looks too commercial and lacks the edge for BBP and MWP. I suggest that she stick to looking like the ideal Filipina beauty and continue being a commercial success which she already is. Going back to her fair skin could give her more TV opportunities as a VJ, host, presenter, etc. Her jaw makes her look very telegenic. She just needs to work on adding more spice to her personality.

    • MWP is fair and square when it comes to judging and selecting the MWP winner I assume, so who are u to give this thought on her…shame

  8. Very honestly, Patricia is not the Binibini nor MWP type! She’s more suited to Miss EARTH and Mutya ng PILIPINAS pageants!

    She should not give up pageantry as she is simply not what Stella Marquez & Cory Quirino are looking for, BUT her participation in MWP will surely give the frontrunners a worthy challenge & some healthy competition!

    Well Norman, some beauties just haven’t got what it takes nor that extra cutting edge!

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