11 comments on “A promising Samantha Bernardo for MWP2013

    • She answers well in the Q and A which was like selections of semi finilist..She may win the crown ..We know that Ms World is not only beauty , it is the combination of both.

  1. I love her walk, height and proportions. I also think that this girl needs a lot of improvements but there is no doubt that she has great potentials. With the right training and styling, she could excel later on since she’s young and time is on her side.

    Here are my tips:

    1. I agree with the need for orthodontics. The malocclusion of her canines lacks symmetry therefore she can’t get away with it even with her mouth closed. She could get back braces after the pageant as a less expensive alternative to Invisilign and it would be perfect for her strict diet.

    2. Her hair is 1 or 2 tones too light in proportion to her current skin tone. I’d prefer her skin and hair to get darker for a more exotic look. She also needs to learn how to create bigger curls for her hair to create more volume and greater visibility of Golden Spirals.

    3. The make-up for her Mongolian eyes which is a few centimeters too close to each other needs more finesse. Smokey eyelids will create an illusion of deeper eyes and double eyelids. A white eye liner on the rim of the lower eyelids will make her eyes look bigger. The dark eyeliner on her upper eyelid should end upward to neutralize her downward pointing flap. The convergence of her eyebrows are slightly too thick from the middle and the arc needs reshaping to create a more golden proportion. The use of bronzer on her cheeks and forehead should be carefully calculated and blended. She needs to highlight her t-zone, chin, jaw and cheekbones to prevent it from looking flat and too Asian. Her upper nose line could have been more blended on the sides. A more natural beige version of her pink lip color would have made a huge difference. Her upper lip line could have been drawn artistically with a cupid’s bow.

    4. She doesn’t have super long legs but it’s in good proportion to her whole body along with her waist to hip ratio. Her bone structure can afford getting a more toned musculature and abs without sacrificing her body’s feminine features. To enhance her curves and that tiny waist, she could do a lot of aerobic workout till she’s stick thin then let her gorge on estrogen enhancing foods while maintaining a low salt diet.

    5. The yellow gown looks alright but I have seen it too many times. The waistline of her gown could have been cinched tighter and half an inch lower to match her real waistline. It’s a good thing though that the gown also emphasized her long neck and decolletage. She should pick gowns with a sleeker more sophisticated design that hugs her silhouette. Any intricate design accent should be strategically located to emphasize her assets (Her hips, waist, neck and decolletage). She should pick shoes that is simpler, more cosmopolitan and echoes the design of her other accessories.

    I would keep an eye on this girl because she could be a dark horse in her future pageants. 🙂

  2. She’s got great potential, but she’s young and she’s still got LOTS of work to do. Maybe some orthodontic work? Invisalign worked wonders for me 😉 Pretty, but not her time yet.

  3. Norm, please keep us updated on the taller candidates. The only way we will win Ms W is to field a glamazon like Gwen.

      • Funny ! I like Gwen though even if she is trannilicious. She has a truly wonderful personality, she is smart and wordly.
        People on this blog think I just bash everyone. Well I like Gwen.

  4. Masyado ng palasak ang beauty nya, yes maganda, pero ang tanong e may x-factor ba?
    Let her stand beside Mutya Datul, lalamunin tyak at kakabugin sya ni Mutya.
    Pamparami girl!

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