69 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2013: is Megan Young a lock for the win?

  1. ang kukulit nyo. nanalo na nga si megan sa mwp pati din sa ms world 201. na bang nya lahat!

    ano angal pa kau nyan?

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  3. One thing i hate about Miss World is that unlike Miss Universe, MW is very predictable. it always include south africa, britain and india in the finals and for sure indonesia this year, but for sure its asian domination this year, i hope megan will be the one!

    • I think you are on the right track Kath. Miss World has become very political.
      I wonder if Miss Universe will be pushed by the UN to be the same this year. The UN is pushing for a One World Govt under socialist – communists rules….. I want all the people in the world to be free …and what these contests to run on free principals as well and that is it.

  4. If the pageant will be held right away, it’s Megan Young, FTW! I think the judges should look for the candidate that has a global, worldwide appeal beyond national, cultural or racial diversity.

  5. Oh my! if she’ll end up the one, kabogera ng Miss World sa indonesia, lampaso lahat asian candidates isama na c venezuela! sa galing rumampa ni bata! #teambata



  7. Megan-da talaga si MEGAN!!!
    Let’s support this gorgeous Filipina, and I see MISS WORLD 2013 vividly written all over her face!!!
    My apologies Sistah if I’m over reacting or uber hyping megan’s participation, I just can’t help myself in this state of euphoria! 

  8. Very craft attitude you have with BPCI queen B, Bb Pilipinas will still remain the most prestigious and glamorous and well respected beauty pageant in the Philippines and in Asia, dont compare with MWP since they are very young to this business….love BPCI and SMA….mabuhay Philippines!!!!!love love love

    • IDIOT! Who are you to compare BPCI to MWP?? FYI, MWP has its own share of scene in the international beauty pageant. I wonder if ABSCBN poisoned your mind about MWP! Are you from Visayas? Most of them hate anything that is not being aired in ABSCBN! FXCK YOU RETARD!

  9. Pinagtatalunan pa ba yan nagiisang diyosa ng ms.world philippines 2013 megan young! Screening pa lang kabogera na what more kung sa international pageant! She is the best representative to send to indonesia ! Mahilig ang mga indonesian sa mestiza! Kakabog ang beauty niya dun! although naghahamon si ria! Sorry for me the crown belong to Ms.Megan Young!!

    • Mole your such a partial human being, why dont let the judges decide after all, if its for her then so it be, but if not then let those other beauties that shines their innate beauty of a Bb Pilipinas ( Patricia & Ria)……love love love

      • Iam not partial human being maybe you are! I hype megan because thats the way I feel! And doesn’t mean that I less human being!By the way what is innate beauty never heard those words!

      • Inday wag ka ng magpilit! Hahaha ” if its for her then so it be? But if not then let those others beauties that shines their innate beauty! sakit sa bangs! Sino kaya ngayon ang less human being!! Kung ayaw mong supalpalin ko english mo! Alien ka!

      • Innate beauty haha you mean innate immunity!, synonyms congenital, inbred, inherent! No such thing combination of innate beauty!I think inborn beauty is acceptable cause others words for innate is inborn!

      • tanga ka ba? “for me” nga diba sabi nya..haaayyyssss..isip2 din pg may time

      • tanga ka ba? “for me” nga diba sabi nya..haaayyyssss..isip2 din pg may time

      • Uu tanga siya KSP trying hard idiot! I think kristine had Bi polar disorder trying hard to answer all our post is a form of stupidity! As a psychiatric nurse my nursing plan for her is to take respirdal or ativan this medication help to less her anxiety! I check all her reply to some poster which is not particularly for her but she do a lot of effort to reply ! Which is very abnormal! This is a sign of mental disorder, the kind of symptoms which some of my patient have! My advised to all the follower of norman just ignored her she has mental illness and this my last reply to her post! Thank you, my apology to norman for using some strong words …

  10. Megan Young….
    Go Megan!!! For Philippines will have it’s first most eluded blue crown!!!
    If Michael Cinco will dress her, and I hope he will, I can’t find any flaws right now…
    Simply B E A U T I F U L !!!

  11. I like it that Megan wasn’t complacent given her status as favorite. She came really prepared and set the bar high for the competition. I hope she remains this way – not keeping her guards down.

  12. With all factors to consider like MW is happening in Indonesia and India/China did pretty much last year, I think a huge sash factor will be on the side of the Philippines this time around with the calibre of Ms. Young, a big chance for the first blue crown!

    • If ms Young will won, its ALL Craft, MWP shd be subject to audit….to much abt her….so so so Enough!!!!!

      • gaga! what if she deserves to win?? like she’s so gorgeous in the final night and nails the Q&A?? eh di NGA NGA ka Kristine! echochera!!

      • ms Kath it sounds that your terrified what will be the end result of this for your hype candidate, hope the stars will go w her on the 18th of 08/2013…..which I assume their will be big surprises that night……drink Nido 3 ms Kath better for you….love love love

      • eh isa palang malaking gaga talaga tong c kristine eh!! did i evah mention my dear that she’ll win at all??? i said with her calibre, we had a good chance for MW title, but it doesn’t mean na sya na mananalo! its not like you, so judgemental, saying that MWP should be subjected to audit once Ms. Young wins, who are you to judge like that, Ms. Young just like every single contestant has a chance to win and not to be degraded by you, Utak biya ka kaya ikaw magnido! echochera!

      • ms Kath, I pity you, your way of comprehension is below sea level, dear, why dont you go to Dale Carnegie Training center to have that proper etiquette……love love love

      • Angelo Reyes…..I pity you so much, so craft you are…..love love love

    • hay naku, i know this kind of people to whom this Kristine can be classified with, kala nya ata eh ala akong pinagaralan and everything kaya she’s trying to put me down or degrade me, sorry ka kristine di uubra sa blogsite na ta yang pa-trying to be smart mo, mas gusto nila dito un totoo ka at hindi ka nangbubulyaso sa kapwa mo! paenglish english ka pa eh dmi naman sablay sa grammar mo! if you dont like megan young to win eh di ayaw mo! wala ng kokonta at nakakahiya naman syo, sealevel sea level,mamaya mo matsunami ka sa kaartehan mo! tse!

      • Kath, your words simply reveals who you are, all I want is that all shd be given all equal treatment, to have that innate beauty of Filipina….love love love

      • omg basic grammar ms. kristine! go back to primary school, wont waste my time with a loser! babush!

      • Kristine, for the record, Megan is doing all that she can to prove she’s worth the crown. For the record she wasn’t promised anything. Like what she said, she’s willing to go through all the ropes like ALL the other girls to prove how much she wants to win this and make the country proud.

        She’s really working hard to be confident about this. Just like the other girls, she’s also nervous. She could win. She could lose. All she can really do is train hard. And that’s what she’s doing. This is a new journey for her.

        With much respect to the other two front runners Ria and Patricia, I rooted for them in BB Pilipinas as Ms U, thing is, seeing them personally up close, they’re no match for Megan in terms of beauty. She just stands out. She’s in a league of her own. The other two might be more experienced coz they’ve joined a lot of beauty contests before but I think they’ll end up as runners up. That’s better placement than non placement at with their BB Pilipinas stints.

        The upper part is my observation. And the last paragraph is my own personal opinion. Kath is entitled to hers and you are to yours. Despite the differences in our opinions, I hope we can all respect each other and avoid bashing the other girls. After all, aren’t beauty pageant whatever the main cause is, is also about world peace? Well, cliche but true.

        Peace everyone.

  13. Well Meagan Young is stunning.. and i believe she already waited for this “perfect time” for her and A & Q already trained her well…. You can see already initially how she projects and for sure she has more to show …. Wishin her best & I really want her to win the title of MWP 2013 … Go Meagan !!!

    • I hope also she chooses the best compatible outfits and styles that shall more highlight her simple beauty indeed… for sure even she’s not the towering height.. her presence can never be ignored by MW judges & Director…

  14. Megan Young is absolutely stunning. She has no bad angles to speak of. She is also the most prepared, given her extensive work in front of cameras and her experience in showbiz. Megan does not require a lot of prep time. She can hit the ground running as soon as she steps off that plane in Indonesia. I’m truly hoping she’ll be the one to represent the Philippines in this year’s Miss World pageant.

  15. Finally, this crying wolf won’t be crying anymore.
    That blue crown will be ours, Meagan will be the very first Miss World from the Philippines.
    Give her the crown, karakaraka!
    And to Pat and Ria, I salute both of you for having the courage to face a bomb like Meagan.

    #teambata all the way.

  16. Norman, this is the first time that I’m writing a comment on your blog. I would like to say that Megan is so stunning. This woman is just fabulous. I can sensed that if this girl wins her national pageant she might win for the Philippines it’s first Miss World. The Philippines is hot on the radar right now in terms of pageantry, and the rest of the world is watching. Some countries might write nasty things about the Philippines, but the truth is they are envious with your country’s achievements these past few years. I hate to burst their bubbles, because your country has been sending absolutely stunning women. I don’t know if you go to this website called Missosology. I’m beginning to dislike that website, because of an asshole Indian moderator by the the name of Wings. I think I’m going to visit your website more. Cheers to the Philippines for a successful year in the world of pageantry. Philippines has some of the most gorgeous women in the world, because of the diversity of it’s people. I can sense between three to four crowns for your country. I just love Ara, Mutya, Bea, and now the torch bearer this year for the Philippines the gorgeous Miss Megan Young. I’m hoping, she will be bestowed the title of Miss World Philippines 2013. This is from a foreigner who admires beauties from another country. My final message to all the Filipinos out there stop bashing your country’s representatives. You just don’t know what gems you have. Thanks, Norman for allowing to write a comment on your blog site. Peace to all

  17. I love Ria…. very Mirriam and Janine aura- but the problem is her height- she may have a difficulty winning the top prize, well we have Precious to prove that height doesnt matter and more recently Olivia… but Precious and Olivia are exemptions- they are not the rule, Dyanna, Stephania, Leila are still the rule!… in Ms World, that height factor is even more defined, Wenxia, Ivian, Alexandra, Kaiane, Kseniya, Zhang Zilin all the way up to Agbani are TALL (at least 5’10)…. very few are below 5’9 and they were all from ages ago like Ash and Priyanka……. and let’s not look too far- our Pinay queens who did pretty well in MW are all tall….. our last 3 top 5 finishers are at least 5’10, Mafae, Karla and Gwen are all glamazons….. Charlene who was highly favored to win ( around 5’8) was no match to the very tall Unnur of Iceland

    I have always emphasized that among all the big pageants in the world- Ms World’s prototype of a winner is consistent!!! Cory Quirino seems to have gotten this in just two years….. now if she fails on the 3rd attempt- that only means she’s getting LAZY at what shes doing

    • Meagan will always be an exceptional woman.
      It would be a huge mistake not to give her the crown.
      Cory Quirino better step it up fast…. She’ll be prepping her winner in less than 1 month.

    • Megan’s height (approximately 5’8″) is within striking distance of these relatively recent Miss World winners:

      Alexandria Mills (2010) = 5’9″
      Kaiane Aldorino (2009) = 5’8.5″
      Unnur Birna (2005) = 5’9″
      Maria Mantilla (2004) = 5’9″
      Priyana Chopra (2000) = 5’7″

      Just because some exceptionally tall women won the Miss World crown doesn’t necessarily mean height becomes the determining factor in winning the title. That’s what people used to say about Miss Universe’s height standards until it crowned Olivia Culpo (5’5″) last year that caused everyone’s jaws to drop.

    • As much as I was also a fan of Ria during BBP2013, what I don’t like about her during the competition is her inconsistency. And same with you Jay, I think height also matters for MW.

      While Megan is only 5″8, she seems to look taller. And given the little time left after the coronation before sending our rep to Bali, it will just be practical to give the crown to Megan.

    • Even Megan is not as tall as the Ms World standards…………. but I just have to give to her—- she is very beautiful and really a standout without an effort…. I’m worried about the height though, but Im still hopeful she would be an exemption to the usual prototype of a Ms World winner

      • You know Megan may be stunning to you all since she is famous in the Philippines. Howeve that is not a factor in Ms W.Next to other delegates she will be just be another shorty besides the statuesque girls.
        Who is the tallest among the contestants Norm? I suggest sending whoever she is. Height is might in ms world. This is not ms u.

  18. I’m wondering.. hummmm… As a nation, we’ve collectively given up on MW. Megan has been gun shy about joining and following through with a national beauty pageant. Now she’s followed through and our interest has once again peaked. Does Julia have a plan to draw the Pilipino’s attention away from MU and beating Donald to the punch and FINALLY crown a Miss Philippines? Hummm…

  19. For Ria, it’s just a wrong timing and I for sure want to see her crowned as well . I think she’s 23yo and hope she tries next year.

    bud ? This is definitely for Megan. She reminds me of one of the most beautiful misses universe Lupita Jones (see pics), She may very well be one of the most beautiful misses world, and with luck, she may very well be.

  20. It’s great to see this caliber of contestants in this year’s MWP especially when I have just about given up hope. I happen to like all three, but I’ll have to say, Megan is a cut above the other two in my opinion. Good luck to the three of them!

  21. I’m not a fan of Ria coz she’s not pretty without make up, while for me Megan is stunning but she’s wearing a mediocre gown.

    • @Hunk5525

      I prefer if Meagan also wore a simple gown with a more modern cut and trend just like Ria and Patricia. That would surely set her apart from the others MW aspirants and even all the other contestants of this year’s Binibini.

      • @Closer2Fame if you watch Sash Factor video, Megan needs more pasarela training, as far as gown wise I would like to see her with sexy gown…If you check the video, #15 candidate is sexy.

      • @Hunk5525

        Yep, I saw the video. She looked as if she was floating and yet I felt like she was in a hurry ..
        Maybe that’s A&Q instructions to make people want more of her..

        I agree, a sexy modern gown w/ clean lines (pref. white), minimal shiny accents/accessories (silver) and a long straight ponytail would surely be a hit. I’m sure, she’s saving the best for last.

      • @Closer2Frame
        I agree…When you say Megan Young, You expect SEXINESS, but if she wins she has to wear elegant gown not too sexy coz as you know Indonesia is a conservative country.

    • Hi Queenbie,

      As much as I love Megan, the gown during the first screening really looked heavy. It’s also loose. Great thing is, she still carried it well.

      I think they are just downplaying it kinda.

      Don’t worry Hunk5525 she’ll wear better ones.:)

      Peace everyone.

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