13 comments on “Is Miss Universe ready for an edgy-looking winner?

  1. she can take it all the way. Top 5 – Poland, Russia, Czech Rep, Croatia and P ……… 🙂

  2. If the Miss U Org wants to be innovative and unconventional, then they need to crown her now. She is different, edgy, and hot and not like those latinas who are typical pageant patty – the long, wavey hair, flirty walk, etc.

    Next to France, she is my next favorite to win the Miss universe crown

  3. As silly as your analogy is Basil it’s very true. “Robot” is really what comes to mind when I think of Ara. Sure she is being “molded” and trained but there is something really FAKE in that process. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth knowing that all the personality and all the grace is not genuine.

    • @Venus

      Isa ka pa!
      Kung maka connect ka nanaman ng paninira mo e ganun nalang!
      Fake mo mukha mo?!
      Venus, Shamcey and Janine are products of that transformation and it was all good results.
      Kahit sino pa panalunin mo, sigurado hindi sila papasa sa taste mo, laging me kulang sa paningin mo.
      Kung ako sayo, itransform mo yang personality mo!

    • @FabtastiX
      I don’t think any amount of training will transform someone as stupid and intolerant as you. I have the right to express my views. It may not be to everyone’s liking but I am not trying to offend.
      Who would no want someone who is genuinely smart, sweet and a good conversationalist? I just don’t think 6 months of training can transform someone’s personality.
      Norm has interacted with Ara in person and according to him she is charming and engaging. So I hope the real her is able to shine.

    • @Venus

      Joke ba tong reply mo?! Ako pa binabaligtad mo..
      Kung maka intolerant ka dyan ganun na lang!?! E ikaw kaya tong intolerant!?!!
      Nagmamalinis ka pa e nabasa ko lahat ng panlalait mo ke Ara before paulit-ulit nalang!..
      ANG PLASTIC MO!!!!
      Kung me galit ka ke Ara o sa mga mentors nya.. e sorry ka nalang!?!
      Nahahalata tuloy kung kaninong kampo ka! hahaha

  4. MUO’s major sponsors & their strong Latina supporters are traditionally conservative and they will never endorse an edgy-looking Miss UNIVERSE nor will they ever entertain such an idea or even open to such a suggestion!

    Thus, the simple answer to your question is a resounding Big NO!

  5. Very hot!!! I actually her some recent appearance with Tereza and she is already sporting long locks though…. I would have preferred her in short hair Becoz she is an automatic standout!!! And she is very pretty…. Something that only really beautiful women can pull off

    • wow lol, so many thumbs down. dominique rinderknecht is like the beauty queen version of P!NK 😀

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