5 comments on “From Earth to Universe, Fabiana Granados is out to conquer

  1. Many stunning candidates of Miss Earth 2012 were uberly robbed to death, just to give a secured placement for undeserving fatty lady from Tondo.
    And Fabiana was one of the victims.
    Miss Universe stage is the real venue where Fabiana can showcase her beauty and prove to the Universe that she has this enigmatic appeal.
    Go Fabby!

  2. A lot of ME girls in the Ms Universe this year 🙂

    I have a strong feeling the winner of MU will come from someone with ME affiliations 🙂 even Ara came from MEO… Hope the winner of Ms Brazil will be a former ME girl too…

  3. To be honest I prefer her to be in the top 8 instead of Nepal or Philippines. She’s got spunk and attitude that rocked the swimsuit competition without looking like she is over-acting (like Venezuela – she would make her run for her money if Costa Rica madethe top 8)

    Anyway, good luck to her. I hope she makes the top 16 (and we all know former Miss Earth delegates don’t do well in Miss Universe – except in 2003 with Peru and 2010 with Guatamala). Hope she will make an odd-numbered year streak for Costa Rica

    • Who are those who did not do well? 🙂
      I only know those who did well- and the other one clapped in the ME

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