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  1. I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, but Miss Supranational doesn’t have a funding source to help with the reign of the winner, so the money collected from the online vote contributes towards that. Also, there are 71 out of the 88 delegates confirmed to compete.

    As a pageant fan, I watched Miss Universe pageant and I have to say, the production of Miss Supranational is way better………it’s just that the winners are always politically influenced and since the contract with Europe will be ending this year, the pageant is heading into Asia, so expect a win from Thailand or Philippines to boost them. Just get your facts straight before talking!

    • Sorry but I have to disagree. When I tried to watch the pageant, I cringed: the songs are so OUTDATED: Shout and You’re the one that I want – when is this pageant held? 1970’s?

      the steps are also tacky and cheesy. The Miss Earth 2011 opening number is by far the best dance number ever (beating out 2010 Miss Universe dance number

      Personally this pageant is cheap, very cheap. Getting fund’s from the public.

  2. With the ongoing battle between Miss Supra Org. and the Filipino Fans, I doubt f Mutya can win this contest, even she has all of what it takes to be a winner.
    Poor Mutya, soon to be a victim of pageant politics.

    • That is sad. I would think that the organizers will exercise more professionalism than to be easily goaded by fans. 😦

    • for me, I will expect that she will win or place. i will only hope that she will win or place.

      given the history of this pageant – I won’t be surprise if another blonde eastern european girl will win – particularly Latvia or Lithuania

  3. Just don’t get why Supranational is asking for payment when you vote. Are those collections being used by the organizers for the show?! It only means that, if you don’t have extra money you don’t have the right to vote. Tsk tsk! Does this pageant only for the rich kids?! LOL

    • Last year only a few people voted. It’s 10 points for 5 dollar, and if you total all of the people who voted, it is only less than 500 people who voted – and most are in Thailand and India (compared to miss earth last year around 10,000 people voted for the online miss photogenic).

      It is mid july and and the pageant will start in august and there are only 55 delgates (half of what the organizers are expecting).

      • Got it… Meaning this pageant is not yet well established unlike the other pageants but they have the guts to charge when you vote. Haha not a hater but I just don’t get the reason why.

      • Exactly Norman… and considering the number of contestants, this pageant is far far away behind but they have the guts to charge when you vote! LOL I just dont get it.

  4. Wow nmn, akala mo nmn napakasikat ang supranational at kailangan pang magbayad sa boto. Hello ok lang kayo, im sure sa voting talo na si mutya, gawin mo na lang lahat makakaya mo mutya sa final, goodluck

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