22 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas for MGC: the poses that refresh

  1. Venus- the legendary ‘ngiting daga’
    Shamcey- achiever pose
    Cindy-anorexic pose
    Bea-ibalik mo ang tenga ko pose
    Pia-bitterness pose
    Mutya-makakaahon sa kaharipan pose
    Ara-boksingero pose

  2. I LAB ARA! Even when she looks a bit pregnant like in this foto noh? She will always be my NAMBER WAN! ajajajajajajaja!!!!

  3. Donald Trump tweeted last July 13: There are plans to bring miss universe in Manila, Philippines soon?” Could happen, great place to be!

  4. I was hanging out with a Venezuelan and Puerto Rican friend last Saturday in one of the clubs in Manhattan and accidentally talked about MU2013 and the conclusion they said after seeing the strong presentation of past 3 MPU winners its time for the Philippines to win the title. ARA OWN THE CROWN!

  5. Shamcey is an example of world class innate beauty of a Bb Pilipinas, trully that once a Bb Pilipinas always a symbol of beauty w a purpose and cause for mother earth and the needy, the sick and above all the children…..love love love BPCI & SMA…..Philipppines!!!!!!Mabuhay.

    • I love BCPI but def not SMA–as long as Baraza dresses our MU Rep I will never have a heart for SMA

      • Wonderwall, let bitterness in your be FREE, SMA will always be a symbol of BPCI, w/out her this beautiful org w never exist in 50 yrs plus all the queens she produces int’l and locally, their things that we dont like abt the way she manages yet, only time will tell, bur for sure she has always a reason why she acted in that way, at the end she always wants the best for the innate beauty of a filipinas, a true Bb Pilipinas, heart and mind…..love love love….SMA,Mabuhay!!!!!

      • Kristine, are you on Madame Stella’s payroll? ahihihihihihih!!!!!

  6. Humuhugis na ang katawan ni madam ara!!! I see improvements pati sa poses nya lately–keep it up whoever is her trainer and handler. Go Team Philippines!

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