14 comments on “Team Venezuela: who will make it on top?

  1. Elian Herrera should have been Venezuela’s bet for Ms Universe 2013.

  2. Alyz has a vavavoom body just like her predecessor. That curve from the waist to the hips is simply marvelous.

  3. Elian and Elyz are bomb threats in their respective pageant destination.
    With Gabby, I have a doubt beause of her unsweet and matrony aura.
    But who care, Gabby will be wearing the most coveted sash, Miss Venezuela.
    As I’ve said before, a Miss Universe without Venezuela in the semi is major major boring.

  4. I was surprised the Elian did not win the Ms. U crown. She’s stunning and the stand out of the bunch. I think Ana Buquid could learn from this girl. She is a great example of how a really tall girl can exude class and sophistication.

    • Osmel is obsessed with height. I think he mentioned it (height) is not negotiable. From late 80s to mid 90s, Venezuela crowned real tall ladies.

  5. oh I see ..
    very will then nada among this three will win a crown. The GRAND SLAM goes to ……………………………………………………….. 🙂 (am checking who’s has tomatos on their hands).

    Bud has there been a country that won 3major pageants in one year ?

    • Their country has the most wins but surprisingly they only had 1981 where they won two major crowns. India is the only record holder for winning 2 Major crowns in 1 year in 1994, a repeat in 2000 and one of which is a back to back win in Miss World. India then slept for a decade until Nicole Fariah won Miss Earth in 2010. I’m so proud that among the Powerhouse countries, we are the only one who never gets favored due to economic or political factors.Thus, I believe that our country’s wins are mainly caused by the beauty and personality of our candidates.

  6. That girl on the left is striking with her height and skin color but I keep going back to the Miss Universe rep with that smile so refreshing like a cold bottle of corona with lime and makes her look approachable and friendly like Shamcey’s smile.

    Was the girl on the left giving a thumbs up indicating “I got this one” with a smirk on her face ? 🙂

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