14 comments on “I love six-footers like Nazita Reyhanian

  1. ME NO LIKE. Athena Imperial exemplifies the real Mutya ng Pilipinas noh! REAL Philippine beauty! ajajajajajajajaja!!!

  2. Sorry, but she does not exemplify the title “Mutya ng Pilipinas”

    I mean… Does a European born Half Filipina who does not even speak Tagalog deserving to have the title “Mutya ng Pilipinas” ?

    I do think she’s pretty… But to me, when I hear “Mutya ng Pilipinas”… I think of a Filipina woman who knows alot about her culture, her people & her language….

    • @MU2013: I disagree. Do you mean to say that being “Filipino” is all about the ability to speak “Tagalog”? Or that knowing something about the Filipino culture is hinged solely on the ability to speak Tagalog? I have cousins and nieces who are full-blooded Filipinos and yet because of circumstances beyond their control (born and raised abroad) did not have the opportunity to learn how to speak Filipino, but culturally and at heart, they know themselves to be Filipinos through their parents and other Filipinos around them. Being Filipino is not just about the language. So put that in your head.

      • Being able to speak Tagalog is just one thing. That was not the only thing I mentioned if you read properly

  3. She’s stunning but to be truly competitive in a beauty pageant, she needs to transform her body and lose more than a few pounds. I hope she’s using the Mutya pageant as a training ground for something bigger like Binibining Pilipinas or Miss World Philippines.

  4. She is beautiful and comes across as very likable.

    But her stocky frame offset the height factor. Which is hard to change as she is a professional athlete. All those muscles are tailor fit for the sport.

    BTW. I think there is another tall queen being groomed for the next pageant. A lady surnamed Reiss, But I can’t be too sure. All I know is that she is tall and also on the heavy side.

    • She can tone down her muscles thru yoga + pilates. Her frame is too athletic for me. If she wants to join beauty pageants she needs to work on her body

  5. She is channeling Gwen 🙂 actually she is very pretty, but she just needs to work on her body and she can be a very competitive girl! Mutya is a good training ground- she can join BbP or MPE or better yet MWP (she seems to be more suited for MW)

  6. Naz is not all face, poise and height. She’s got the brains to match it, too. Naz has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology at Stockholm University. She’s currently taking her Masters degree in Computer and Systems Sciences. Besides her studies, she plays basketball professionally and coaches younger kids.

    Go, Naz. Bring home the crown.


  7. She looks like an Amazon…
    Anyway who won Miss Humanity International?…Was the Philippine representative a hand picked? coz she looks like she cannot even pass Miss Barangay 2013…lol

    • What happened with MHI, I heard, is that the financial backers of original rep, MG Raquel, failed to meet their obligations. The next one who can put up with the travel costs earned the right to represent.

      By the way, Nuria Cardoso of Portugal won.

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