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  1. Bud? Here are some gowns during the Mercedes Benz Russia Fashion Week.
    I wonder what the Binibinis would like in Russian Designers creation ?
    In Ara’s case is wearing a russian designer creation will boost her chance to win the crown? not because she’s not popular yet in russia after a Russian Newspaper mistakenly named her Miss Universe 2012 and was also published in portuguese newspaper that for sure was read by millions but was then corrected later.

    For Ara Arida’s preliminaries will be # 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. And the grand white one would be for her finals (yay ! )

    For Bea #2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

    For Mutya in 2#, 3, 4 and 6

    For Cindy #6 all of them.

  2. PS: When someone asked how Rajo Laurel would dress Venus for MU, his designs, coincidentally, mirrored the Barraza design that Venus would later wear-Evening Gown –http://blogs.stylebible.ph/rajosblog/2010/08/12/venus-raj/comment-page-4/ …so I think, to Barraza’s credit- even if in truth, we could and should have our pick of the best designs for our girls- he makes an effort naman to dress our reps as best as he could..

    • Rajo’s design is far more cinched on the waist and he wouldn’t want tacky crystal adorned giant bows to over power the selling features of the wearer. (Venus Raj: tiny waist, healthy boobs & golden brown skin).

      • I agree, that giant bow on Venus’ gown was awful and so distracting. The gown would have been more elegant without it.

  3. I think it has never been really definitive- that the gown makes much of a difference between losing and winning. It’s just so hard to measure. And while it would seem that there isn’t that much of a difference between pageant and red carpet gowns, there actually is. Actresses can get away with subtle, dramatic detailing as what you’ll get with something like a Murad gown because the face wearing them is familiar- people would most often zero in directly on the dress. On a pageant contestant, you’d rather not be distracted by the dress. You’d want to see the face, the figure- that’s why workable pageant dresses tend to be simpler, have definitive, stronger silhouettes and less distracting details. Venus’ dress gave her lean frame some substance though I didn’t like the material which I think was metallic jersey; Shamcey’s was perfect because everything about it complemented her styling and her tsunami walk; and while the bodice on Janine’s gown could have been better, it didn’t overwhelm her delicate Asian features. And yes- Bianca Manalo’s is arguably the worst one of all.

  4. “Pageant-wise, he lent his creative genius to the long gown worn by Miss France 2009 Chloé Mortaud who went on to place 6th during the Miss Universe finals held at Atlantis in the Bahamas.”-by Norman.

    I just can’t see the connection Kuyang, you are showcasing the gowns of this designer, and even dreaming of our queens wearing his creations, yet you mentioned that Miss France wore a gown made by him.
    This gown worn by Miss France Universe 2009 was the sole reason why she didn’t penetrate the top5.

  5. Sorry for the disrespect Norman but in my opinion, the designs of this Foreigner is not even at the same level as the designs of our very own Michael Cinco, Francis Libiran and Cary Santiago. Why get another foreign designer when Michael Cinco is offering his gowns to our beauty Queens for free? I agree with the others, I also want to hear an explanation. I know that most Filipinos tend to continuously complain or else just give up and let it be simply because we feel like we can do nothing about it. I noticed that Majority of your readers are different, they are more educated or have a different upbringing which I think is a great thing. Having a different mindset from everyone else could make us come up with an effective idea. I hope you could make a post about it so we could all brainstorm in creating a solution for this serious problem that we could put into action!

    • @Closer2Fame. I agree with you. I’m not sure if a petition would work for or against a change. Personally, I would donate to a fund set up for an evening gown/national costume for our rep. If the word was put out nationally/internationally to pay for a Pilipino designer to design and create our NC and/or an EG, I am sure that there would be an overwhelming response. So much so that there would be more than enough to pay for both…and then some. That would surely make Madame take notice.

      • @Sir Philip

        Aside from a petition, we should also come up w/ a plan with a greater media coverage. If all our voices including prominent social figures will be heard in the social media, maybe then Barraza would realize that dressing up Filipina beauty queens will only equate to extreme bad publicity for his brand. Hopefully that will inspire him to give it up and leave that responsibility to Filipinos.

      • @Closer2Fame. Perhaps we can get something started on any social media. This great site is a good starting point. Perhaps we can get Kuya Norman to design a website to begin our quest for dressing our queens with designs from Pilipino designers. Perhaps we could make it a site where Pilipino designers can submit their designs. Known or unknown, professional or a student of design… all can submit their designs.

        Kuya Norman, if you design the site, you should name it and it will spread like wildfire, esp. if someone brings the site to the attention of sayyyyyy The Manila Times. Just a thought…

      • @Sir Philip

        That’s great idea! and getting viewers would be easy cause we could all just past the links on facebook, tweeter, instagram, etc. We could all even post AVPs at YouTube of our friends w/ all their character and personality stating “Say NO to Barraza!” and ” Say YES to Cinco!”.

  6. One glaring experience comes to mind… Bianca’s blue evening gown – nothing in our history in MU has made me want to hide in embarrasment more than when she walked out in that gown. And Venus’ flowing gown which hid her stunning figure? Ugh. Shamcey’s was acceptable. Almost gave me hope for Barraza. And then Janine’s gown… she made that piece of cr*p gown work. My point? Anything but a Barraza!!!

    • LOL! Bianca’s gown. Now THAT left me speechless! Can anyone spell SABOTAGE?! And the next three gowns that followed were ugh… and I still think to this day that Janine’s gown dragged her scores down but she still managed to pull herself up to a first runner-up placement with her excellent Q&A performance. Despite Barazza, our reps were still able to pull it off which is a testament to their beauty, intelligence and determination.

      • @Vendetta 711. We should MAKE Madame Stella wear that blue gown and then ask her if she wants to stay with Barraza?

        Sabotage? Yes it was. Blasphomy? Oh God was it ever!!!

  7. We always dream of gowns designed and made by famous designers except Barraza.
    But come to think of it, from 2010-2012, Miss Philippines wearing a Barraza gown, easily made it to the top5.
    But no one even credited Mr.Barraza, even Mr. Norman Tinio who is known for being diplomatic and tactful.
    I think, we owe a lot to Mr. Barraza, we owe 3yrs.
    Ninang, please make an article as a sign of gratitude of us Filipinos to Mr. Barraza.

    • Another way of looking at it is that despite the Barazza gowns, our last three reps were able to pull it off, right? Maybe, had they worn more beautiful gowns Venus, Shamcey, and Janine would have placed higher. So I believe that the credit goes to the three of them, not Barazza, in my opinion.

      • I agree. It’s the candidate that carry themselves (Janine did the gown justice because of her cobra walk), but it is not just about the person. As much as the person carries the gown, the gown also animates the person. We need to work on the latter.

        Also, I really believe Ara should go in sharp geometric-laden pieces; also ones that are embroidered.

  8. Totally agree with Max and Yura on their thoughts shared above. I guess from previous pageants (early 80s) Filipino pride shone when creations of Mama Renee Salud sashayed down the runway of MU and Miss International pageants. Brilliant examples are the mermaid gowns of Melanie Marquez and the late Chat Silayan in the MI 1979 and MU 1980 pageants respectively. I don’t understand why there was a change of heart by Miss Araneta and why local designers didn’t care less and lobby for their beautiful creations. Certainly, we have a very valid and solid point. Pinoy pride, cultural heritage, rich aesthetics and national colors MUST be worn in all/every global pageant or event!!!

  9. Sure Murad, Saab, or our very own Michael Cinco are some of the best gown designer in the world but I agree with Max, the question is wether Madame Stella a Columbian woman that runs Binibining Pilipinas is willing to spend the money for this beautiful creations. Nothing against Barazza who just happen to be Madame’s kababayan. There are other Pilipino designers whose creations is at par with this internationally known designers. Why not use them and give them a chance to shine in the global stage. Not using local designers to do the national costume and the evening gowns is incomprehensible even mind boggling to me. Like Max, again the question is WHY. Can someone from the inside the organization tell us the real reason to end this long irritating and somewhat controversial issue. Please!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why does a tax-exempt, charitable org like the BPCI insist on using and paying a foreign designer (Barazza) for the costumes and gowns of Philippine reps when talented Filipino designers like Cinco who are practically offering their services for free are rejected? Has anyone investigated any possible shady deals between the BPCI and these Colombians? Is the tax-exempt status of BPCI being used in some other way? And how about Cumbia? Who really owns it? No, I’m not accusing anyone of money laundering, or some illegal things being committed, or even the possibility of some other Colombian industry’s involvement in the larger scheme of things, NO SIR. But there are red flags and that’s as far as I will go in saying. Another thing I might add is this, not referring to anyone specifically, but rather broadly: often times the richest people are also the greediest. Some people can never have enough money and they will resort to anything to get more if they know they won’t get caught!

      • 🙂 So maybe the Colombian drug cartel is laundering money through Barazza and Cumbia with Stella’s help? Okay, I’M JUST JOKING FOLKS! LOL!

      • Maybe, the supposedly Swarovsky crystal on the dresses are all real diamonds or to make it undetectable to dogs, the tacky fabrics can actually be dissolved into illegal drug ingredients. hahaha 😀

  10. The first one would definitely look phenomenal and breathtaking on Ara, so does the third one. The first one reminds me of Melinda Bam’s “heavy” gown that might have robbed her a spot in the top 5, but this one just looks enough — enough for Ara to win. 😀

    We can all pitch in suggestions for the gown, but the important questions are not asked. Do you know Norman why we continuously get the creations of Barazza? Does anyone here know why? And more importantly, a lot of news reports and social media commentators since Venus have commented against the use of a foreign designer–but why has Madame not giving the chance to others? The man’s not even a Filipino so a sense of cultural pride must be done by Filipinos themselves. I mean Venezuela makes sure their contestants at the local pageant are dressed by famous local designers. Can we stage a massive protest in Facebook? WE NEED TO ACT AND LOBBY WELL IF WE WANT THAT CROWN.

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