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  1. I am disgusted at what i have read here.
    As the contestant who was right after Olivia competing in swimwear I can safely say that girls body is to die for! If a fit toned healthy physique isn’t the quinticental Aussie girl look I don’t know what is! I could spend hours in the gym (which I did in the lead up to the final) and still wouldn’t be as toned as her, not to mention her amazing abs! Good luck for the finals Miss Olivia, and ignore all this negativity, your are a stunning role model and an absolute babe!!

  2. I have been reading some terrible comments in regards of Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Wells. Although she wasn’t my favorite and I thought either Tegan Martin or Marsi Fernandez should of won, it is terrible to read the comments that some people are posting about Olivia being on a diet and how big her thighs are. This girl looks good, thin, toned and healthy. Don’t you think that it was about time we embraced this over a skinny unhealthy girl?

    • Personally, I never paid attention to her healthy frame and thighs when she won. What interested me more was her being brunette and a student of Medicine. I’m pretty sure the MUA organizers have a good game plan for Olivia. 😉

    • @A: The comments may seem “terrible” to you, but here’s the reality: her thighs ARE big! HUGE in fact! If you like her thighs that way, good for you. But I don’t like big, thick, muscular thighs on a girl and there’s nothing anyone can say to change my mind.

  3. I feel Olivia is smart, beautiful and lovely but I hope the Australia committee take your advice of your dresses. If I was on the committee I would give you the job Norman. In other photos Olivia looks quite slim so a diet might be a bit far fetched. I think Australian photography can have a boost. I don’t think much of the peroxide blondes. However, I did like WA’s Kristy Clemens. Watching the contests from other countries some girls don’t look as nice as the photograph on your choice guide. But in Asian section Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand are the nicest nations in their region. In Europe I feel Czech, Poland and Russia a position. But where is Germany and the rest. I did think wow Croatia but when I saw her on her you tube winning she when down on my votes with France.. Columbia, Bolivia are good for Latina so far and Venezuela is not that crash hot in the you tube coverage. We have to wait for more from Oceania New Zealand, Samoa etc. Garbon is the best from African region so far.

  4. OMG… Each of her thighs is as thick as her waist…. I don’t think she’ll look appealing in tight jeans or in a short skirt. Reminds me of a grade school teacher I once had.

  5. I really want to like the new Miss Australia …but I just can’t seem to get past those weightlifter thighs of hers. If those thighs don’t somehow transform into a pair of long, toned, elegant legs, Australia will clap in November. 😦

    • I like big butts and I cannot lie! Flash back to 1992: “Baby Got Back” by Sir-Mix-a-Lot. Yeah Beybeh!

      • jajajajaja! my old friend Lawanda still thinks that song’s about her!!!

  6. Tegan is from Newcastle. Where I live 😀 Also where Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins lived.

  7. Finally, a brunette won after Rachel Finch.
    To date, in this new millennium. Australia holds the record of longest uninterrupted top 10 placements in Miss Universe, from 2008-2012.
    2008, Australia was represented by a very demure lady, the road to the top 5 was rough, because the year was fielded by the latina glamazons.
    2009 was a strong year for this country, Rachel even topped the swimsuit round, her q/a was also flawless, but lady luck wasn’t on her side, she finished as 3rd runner-up.
    On 2010, they sent a sweet candidate, even with a boxy shape body, she snatched the 3rd place, this time around, I must say that lady luck was on her side, even defeating the frontrunner from Ireland..
    2011, the momentum was still sustained, I even thought that Scherri was the one, but Angola’s and Brazil’s presence avoided her to enter the final cut.
    Last year, Renae finished on 4th, though not my cup of tea, and a cloned version of Scherri, her placement was well-deserved.
    This year, I will still be rooting for this new powerhouse country in pageantry.
    This brunnete is a frontrunner.
    If Asia can’t bring home the crown, give it to Oceania.
    And if a back to back win for the USA is unforgiveable, so why not a back to back win for OLIVIA.
    Olivia of USA crowning the Olivia of Australia.

    Well, well, well. Olivia Wells, 69, Australia!

  8. She would’ve been more suited to compete in Miss World with her strong academic background, and especially since they scrapped the swimsuit competition this year. Sigh. 😦

    • I’ve seen video clips of the final & pre-pageant events and the Aussies have chosen a wholesome & winsome representative!…..Absolutely a worthy winner and soooo natural & fresh!

      Honestly, I find Tegan Martin & the other blonde favorite to be too peroxide, fake and bimbo-ish!

      Olivia actually reminds me of Australia’s first Miss UNIVERSE winner in 1972, Kerry Anne Wells of Perth, WA.

  9. Perhaps this is a subtle way of MUO showing the direction it is going with key phrases like, “student of Medicine”, “she is setting aside her university studies, but will still return to her plans of becoming a full-pledged Pediatric Surgeon in the future to serve medical missions around the world as well as her motherland”. Beauty is certainly an aspect of MU but now they seem to want the brains behind it and not necessarily the bubbly, spicy, burn the runway and twirl kind of girl. If she has beauty, brains, and can burn the runway, all the better. Right now it seems MUO is focusing towards education and higher goals as well as beauty. I’m sure the new Miss Austrailia will transform and follow along the lines of their “winning formula”, however, she carries with her, her aspirations for a higher education in a respected field and THAT seems to be the “icing on the MUO cake”. Just my thoughts…

  10. Disappointing, sorry. Perhaps the pageant’s judges thought crowning a brunette this time around might be a good move, but that’s precisely why it’s wrong. Hopefully there’s still time to shrink those thighs!

    • Yes, she’ll have to stick to skinless chicken breasts and broccoli with no starch between now and November.

  11. Pretty girl, but i think she has to lose more weight, her thighs are quite big. BTW, Sir Norms, the miss universe Costa Rica also happened today right? Will you feature it?

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