19 comments on “Mutya Datul will conquer Miss Supranational soon!

  1. Her hair bun looks so firm, so round! Makes me wanna go “yeah beybeh”!

  2. She can handle the Q&A very well….. with her plain English. She doesn’t need an interpreter. I had watched her in some TV guestings. And I find her that she is a very good communicator….which is more important.

  3. MUTYA DATUL is in it to win it and her beauty is the only one to beat!!!
    Sa ganda ba naman ewan ko lang pag hindi pa manalo yan!?! Wala nang competisyon!
    To Miss Supranational Org, Ipa fedex nyo na yang crown dito at imightybond na sa ulo nyan!!!!!

  4. is it me or does she look like a mixture of elaine moll and ara arida on the photo above with the gown? and a more on moll on the glam shot picture?

    • ewan ko ba, she just reminds me of elaine. maybe i do need to get my eyes checked.

  5. She deserves to win. But with the recent arguments between filipino fans versus the miss supra staff our rep might not even make the top 20. plus this pageant is known for crowning blond eastern european. but i stil hope for the best, like what i said before if this pageant wants to respect of filipino fans – the biggest pageant fans in the world – then they must crown mutya.

    btw, how come her pics are not yet posted in the website (along with bolivia and gabon and panama)? it is already mid-july, and the pageant will start in second week of august and there are less than 50 delegates confirmed (and to think they heavily promoting they will have a total of 102 delegates this year – go figure)

    • @sleuth – I share your concerns. It’s just one of those feelings I get because of all the brouhaha. I pray not. Mutya deserves more than being the object of a political firestorm or of the organization making a statement through exclusion. Regardless of the outcome, this beautiful woman will have the support and backing of the entire nation, and that initself, will make her shine, shine, shine! In our hearts, she is a winner and makes us all proud!!!

  6. Mutya for the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a feeling this girl would win the first crown for BBP Gold! Yellow looks good on her and she is stunning in all angles. She can be very commercial and be very fashion forward too. Her looks are actually the type of Asian beauty that can stand out in Europe easily!!! if Ms Supra Org is a thinking organization 🙂 they would crown this girl asap…………… just imagine a stunning first Asian winner coming from a country that can boost their global image to a higher level. As recognized by the Ms Universe organization— “Filipino fans are the BEST in the world (emphasized by the host in MU 2011)”….. and a pageant can be propelled into mainstream by Pinoys (social media, tv, print and all)

  7. For sure, pag walang Q/A sa finals ay wagi ng wagas na pak na pak itong si Chacha.
    Mas maganda sya pag nakalugay at nakasamborga ang buhokelya.
    Itigil na ang hair bun.diusmio,panahon pa ni Mahoma yan.

    Malaybalay, pag nakabihag ng moyomon na motondong modeling momotoy itong si Chacha,kakabugin nito ang mga alta sa ciudad.
    Go Chacha!

    • Ano nanamang yan?! ..
      DInamay mo pa si Mutya sa kacheapan mo!
      ikaw na ang may mentalidad na NAKAKADIRI!!!

  8. Stunning pics. Stay in Belarus and the take the train to Moscow for Ms Universe!

  9. I think she will do an amazing job.

    She is poised and look very elegant.

  10. She is so breathtakingly beautiful. I have high hopes for her in Minsk. Good luck girl!

    • yes, GOOD LUCK girl, cuz you’ll NEED it! ajajajajajajajaj!!!!

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