11 comments on “What’s new with Tereza Fajksova?

  1. I’m rooting for another European to win Miss Earth this year.

  2. Definitely one of the most beautiful pageant winners we’ve seen in years. And she’s also a trooper, which makes her more endearing.

  3. Todo pagpapabango ang Miss Earth matapos ang corruption controversy.
    Kahit umattend pa sa coronation ng hari ng Belgium itong si Tereza e it will not change the fact that the Miss Earth Pageant is nothing but a mediocre pageant.

      • @Basil aka Bertha

        Umaalingasaw nanaman ang baho ng bibig mo!
        Matagal ng naimbento ang mouthwash! Subukan mo naman gumamit!
        Puro na nga Thumbs Down ang mga comments, ang KAPAL parin ng mukha manira dito!

      • HEY FABtubofshit! you must think we care!!! LOL! Go ahead and knock yourself out with those thumbs down buttons!!!’ At least its getting more attention than your dried out clit!!! ajajajajajaaj!!!

      • @Bertha aka Basil

        Talaga? you don’t care? Todo reply ka nga e.. Anong tawag dun?Hahaha
        Yun naman pala ang goal mo e.. paramihan ng thumbs down para lang mapansin?!
        Well, panalong panalo ka na pala.. grandslam pa!.. Congrats sa pagiging KSP!
        Nakakatawa ka na.. nakakadiri ka pa! Ang KAPAL talaga! hahaha

  4. Tereza is a real asset to the prestige and credibility of the Miss Earth pageant and its causes. Here’s hoping that her successor will be just as gracious, smart and gorgeous and to again say to the world that the Miss Earth pageant is truly a grand slam pageant at par with the rest of them.

  5. One of the best winner in any major competition…. the debate is not whether she is the best in 2012 but rather on whether she is the best ever 🙂

    Tereza has been travelling around th e world… meeting heads of states (presidents, prime ministers), high ranking officials and other VIPs…. to top it all, she is also meeting people on the grass roots level. The girl has been working with people from all walks of life/ She is going to Ghana next week and after that she is expected to travel to South America and more of Asia. Even the most recent winners of the MU and MW has never been accorded an audience with heads of states so Tereza’s current stature as a queen is more than enough proof that Ms Earth is globally recognized as a MAJOR and CREDIBLE competition…. only the stupid or blind, or brat or insecure or just plain dumb will not see this!

    I have always maintained that Miss Earth’s best decision to date is to crown a queen like Tereza……….. she has raised the level of awareness, not just on the cause of the pageant, but also on the pageant itself on much higher level

  6. Definitely the most beautiful grandslam winner. A combination of beauty, brains, and dedication. She will be remembered as one of the best Miss Earth winners ever.

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