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  1. LOL! Look at the AFTER pic more carefully guys, it has obviously been PHOTOSHOPPED! Whoever created and circulated this pic must be rolling with laughter at some of the comments here made by the more gullible.

  2. The “after” photo looks fake. Look carefully at the edges of the face. It looks like a crude Photoshop cut-and-paste job. Or is that hair really growing out of her right cheek! LOL! Even the hue and saturation of the face compared to the neck look different. Whoever created this fake photo of Gabriela had motive and it’s not all good!

    • and OMG it is so true..the after photo is most likely fake!!!! It’s like one of those head cut-outs at the fair where you stick your face in…photoshopped or not, she doesn’t hold a candle to her predecessor…and she looks so mature, like Brazil’s Gabriela Markus’ older sister

      • yeah, and what’s sadder is that some people still fall so readily for this kind of shit…:(

  3. Oh my god! They did make the eyes look bigger.. that’s definitely surgery! Her masculine jaw now looks more feminine.. I guess RF really could do that. And her nose, there’s something about it that is now more proportioned to her mouth..hmmm.. Did they make it wider and longer to make her mouth, forehead and nose area be of equal ratio?

    I’m not a fan of going under the knife but her transformation did make her more beautiful. Osmel Sousa definitely has an eye for beauty and he knew that this girl could be transformed. We also can’t deny that MU has crowned contestants with surgical enhancements but what kind of message does this give to the public? Is politics really more important in winning MU or most of the judges are now more open-minded of having a plastic beauty queen?

  4. She most likely will make the first cut. What happens afterwards would be anybody’s guess.

  5. I think her hair in the right (or anything similar to its style) would fit Ara’s facial contours.

    To gaffud and team, if youre reading this, try having her hair like this, Haha.


    • Comments filled with pure envy? Perhaps there are comments here about the possibility of her having had cosmetic surgery. But even the Venezuelans have admitted to that themselves. Speculation, yes. Envy, no. But you gotta admit that the Philippines has outplaced Venezuela in the past 3 consecutive years regardless of what you say.

    • @LA QUE MAS SABE!!!

      We are not envious of your candidate! We are more amazed of your people’s extreme desire to win that you all applaud plastic surgery!

    • Yes, we had 3 consecutive placements but mainly because of our candidates’ excellent performance. Some politics maybe involved but that just means that we’re now almost on an equal playing field as your country. Aside from plastic surgery, it’s undeniable that Politics is one of the main reasons why your country has the most wins while your performance is just secondary. What I like about our candidates is that they prefer to keep their values intact than be blinded by their desperation to win an international beauty pageant. 🙂

  7. In her before pic, her eyes are too close to each other and her jaw is just huge.. In the “AFTER PIC”, her eyes suddenly got bigger and her jaw became smaller but with sharper angles.. Is this simply make-up with the power of Photoshop or the result of the most awaited surgical transformation?

    • Possible she had an facial RF (Yes, the one that’s being used for slimming treatments). A Good local example of this is Kim Chiu, her face is now visibly smaller because of RF. For the eyes they probably had it surgically done 🙂

  8. Venezuela knows what the customer wants!!!! MU or MW or ME or MI… they know how to deliver.

    MU wants someone flirty- they send Alicia; if MU wants a model, they sent Dyanna; Ms U wants someone young and fresh- they sent Stephaniia………. the girls are prepared and molded according to what the client wants

    I remember that time when MW wanted someone who has a beautiful story, a beautiful girl with a sad past… someone who can be an inspiration… And whala: Osmel produced Ms World 2011 ( a poor girl who grew up in a convent)

    MI wants a barbie—- all MV sent to MI are barbie prototype

    ME wants someone down to earth and girl next door type…. MV send girls who have a good environmental project…. looking pretty without makeup and trained to look, sound and appear sincere

    ANYWAY, Gabriela is no exception…. I just feel that recently, the Venezuelans who do really well in the Ms Universe do not need a lot of transformation… Dyanna and Stephania were stunners from the start— yes, there were some polishing along the way but very minimal in terms of looks department…. While those who were transformed no matter how impressive were not as successful… like Vanessa- she was extremely beautiful during the MU (way different when she won MV) but no matter how perfect she looked, the judges were more impressed with natural beauties like Leila and Shamcey

  9. I have this gut feeling you’re right but her transformation is still remarkable. However as we are all aware, anyone at any pageant can be a clapper in spite of all their hard work and/or beauty. It’s up to pagaent politics, luck, faith, and destiny.

  10. Wow! What a transformation. Her before and after pics say a lot about how Venezuela is taking this seriously year after year. She looks very much younger in the “after” pic and the sweet aura (which is now the trend) is there.

  11. The next Stefania Fernandez.
    Miss Universe pageant is boring without Miss Venezuela in the semi.

  12. WOW bud ! that’s what i’m talkin about ! GOSH DAANG! she looks so much younger, I thought she was Olivia culpo for a second.
    By the way bud I heard that once ABS/CBN takes over Bb Pilipinas that it will change its format the way it holds the pageant’s screening and crowning almost similar to Miss Venezuela which is at least a year ahead for the next international competition. Is this true?

  13. She’s beautiful indeed. But the plastic jobs are too obvious to the naked eye. I wish they wouldn’t resort to these things and Miss U should not qualify candidates who’ve undergone the knife so to speak.

    • Obviously MUO doesn’t give a hoot whether a candidate has gone under the knife because it crowned both Dayana and Stefania back to back to say the least! And before that they crowned Zuleyka!

  14. hi sir norman! id like to as wjats the meaning of parasela? im kinda new to it. hahaha. btw, i love your posts

    • bud? may I answer mae?
      Hi mae, pasarela is a mild white Italian cheese that has a rubbery texture and is often eaten melted, as on pizza,

      • Holy shakamoogeez !!! so sorry mae that was mozzarella I confused with pasarela.
        Bud !!! you set me up again ! I hate ya !! 🙂

      • @Chrome. Thanks for making my day. I can’t stop laughing!!!

      • oh, jajaja, the “Yale grad” got the joke! ajajaja!!! i can’t stop laughing!!!

  15. Beautiful transfornation. Osmel is not gonna take the upcoming competition laying down. The Europeans are the ones to beat this year but the rest of the world is not going to take it easy in their preparations either. MU has wanted a European winner for a while now. Let’s see how top heavy with Europeans MU makes the top 16 in order to make a European MU a reality. However, I think The Philippines and Venezuela will give them a good run for the crown! Excitement is the word for this yesr’s MU Pageant!

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