85 comments on “Training the Bb. Pilipinas ladies comes naturally for Jonas Gaffud

  1. Mutya Datul still holds as the face of the Binibining Pilipinas 2013.I’ve yet to see a a photo of her with a bad angle and unflattering pose—she’s always beautiful and at her best everytime she shows up.

  2. I’m a sucker for hair buns and old fashioned 1960s cat-eyes make-up. Just look at Mutya, she looks fabulous!

  3. To bashers out there (bashers =/= constructive critics)

    Thank you.

    1. If we don’t give a good performance for MU, then, by all means, thank you for your intelligence which we blindly ignored. Thank you for warning us with your apocalyptic messages and deriding any possible future as if you’ve predicted it oh so accurately. (Bashers hated Janine and glorified Bodine; wow, the latter didnt even place!) And do forgive us for being too human to admit our own faults and errors – you guys know it and we refused to listen to you. We should have all just ranted and bashed and trolled. We’re Filipinos, after all, and that’s what we do best: to complain endlessly without doing anything.

    2. If we win, then, by all means, thank you too. The victory would be not as sweet without you.

  4. @Phillip Bobby Sr.
    @ Marcus
    Happy 4th of July!!!
    and to Norms too!!!

  5. for miss universe 2013, sweet faces has big chances to win the crown. between chalita (thailand) and ariella (philippines), lita has greater chances than ara. lita has a fresh face while ara has this exotic ones. lita is also taller. by the looks of her photos, she has a bubbly personality which ara dont have. i just hope that ara will not just be an exotic pinay face but also this “bakla” personality that everyone can get along with her.

      • OMG Mae why did you say that? I’m sure Phil,pnay etc whoever he/she is will jump on your comments and call you a bitch for not agreeing with them! To them Ara is perfect. How dare you say otherwise! They should change this blog to Ara supporters only… No differing opinions allowed!

      • Grow up @venus rah. Quit sulking because you’ve been called out. @Mae has valid points without throwing bitterness and snide remarks that are your trademarks.

      • @venus: you better start paying more attention to sir philip bobby and do what he says! It really sends him around the bend when someone here expresses opinions he disagrees with! He says he’s a “Yale grad” so he must be a ton smarter than all of us here…. NOT!!!!! ajajajajajajaja….!!

      • Sir bobby for Ms U ! Charming personality, well educated, speaks Spanish and from a great family!!! How dare us poor stupid lowlifes disagree with this superior example of the Filipino elite!
        Better yet Sir Bobby for President!

      • Here we go. The Trolls are out and patting each other on the back. They figure by demeaning a higher education and calling someone elite it’ll inspire people to turn on someone. You both should become republican politicians. They use the same tactics and have failed big time. What else you got? Oh that’s right, name calling. In 3… 2… 1…

      • yah, senior philip bobby speaks Spanish and was born with blonde hair, and went to “Yale”! whooohooooo! I’m SO impressed… so the natives oughta bow and kiss his arse! NOT!!! ajajajajajajaaj!!!!!

  6. @Closer2Fame
    You’re a riot!!!
    may pagkakataon na dapat sagutin ng buong tapang ang mapang lait at walang katuturang kontribusyon ng mga mapanghusgang blogger, saksi ako sampu ng mga kaibigan Ko dito sa amerika ang walang pakundangang pambabastos at kawalang respeto Kay Ariella, at ganuon din sa mga kontribusyon Ko sa blog na Ito, sa tingin ko’y panahon na din para sagutin ang Lahat ng mapang abusong blogger, kaya closer salamat kaibigan dahil alam kong hinding Hindi na natin Ito palalampasin!!!

    • Hindi talaga!!!… sandali lang ako nawala.. napuno agad tong comments.. Oo nga … andaming aswang!

      Pwede sila kumontra pero bawal tayo mag defend?! hay naku! mga aswang nga naman…

    • @PinayGem: Aren’t you getting tired of sucking up to Sir Philip Bobby? Because we’re all so tired of watching you do it! Please stop it nah! TAMA NAH!

      • No one is sucking up to me. And I suppose you’re speaking for everyone when you say “we” or are you a venus rah minion speaking on her behalf? I stand behind @pinaygem and have her back covered. She sucks up to on one. She obvously has the cajones to stick up for herself, she doesn’t need me to suck up to.

      • yeah, please stand BEHIND her and cover her BACK cuz it sure ain’t a pretty sight! ajaja… ajajajajajajaja!!!

      • So I assume you’ve met @pinaygem in person so you can make that kind of vile statement about her physique? I suppose you think by bashing someone you’ve never met makes you the better person. Actually, it makes you an internet Troll. I personally have not met @pinaygem but regardless of how she physically looks, her support for any and all reps from The Philippines makes her someone I would love to meet and makes her more beautiful than you can ever hope to be. @Pinaygem knows our reps aren’t perfect but will support and encourage them. She has the support of her husband and her family when she voices her opinion. You on other hand chose to physically degrade someone you’ve never met in order to get your point across. That’s the best you’ve got? Really? Oh wait… this is the point where you say, “I’m just joking”, “it’s only a pageant”, or the other excuses the minions commonly use when they’ve run out of reasons to continuously bash.

        And the thumbs down, bashing, and people using different tags to spread their negativity starts in 3… 2… 1…

      • @Phillip Bobby Sr.
        Hell no I haven’t met this bertha and I have no intention of meeting this person, thanks Sir Phillip

      • Love love love and more love to PHILLIP BOBBY SR!!!!

    • @Pinaygem. Careful what you say. Ol @venus rah or @bertha or whatever tag is being used will accuse you of sucking up to me. Ha! You should see the Trolls that have been recruited into this thread and the thread before. They’re everywhere in both threads. More hate and bashing and then a cry for pity because they’re being picked on. Same BS everytime they’re backed into a corner.

      • @Pinaygem, et.al. my final say is at the bottom of this thread. No more to say when debating with a brick wall. 🙂

      • @Bertha. Speaking of bricks, I found the bricks you lost when you shook your head. Bet you felt light headed there for a while.

      • sir philip bobby, ooohhooohoooo, is that word play on “bricks” something you learned at “Yale”? wow.

  7. Why do people doubt Ara winning MUP? Just because she nailed the Q and A? And that others didnt? is that the only factor of her victory?

    Try asking you bashers – why did she win to begin with? Maybe then we can discover her charm and capitalize on that. Also, being critical is different from superfluous bashing and dwelling in the what-could-have-been’s.

    • She got lucky.. That’s how she won… She had a soft ball of a question.

      • Softball? Nothing is softball question when you stand in front of a large crowd and in front of thousands watching television. Any question is hard when put in those circumstances. Just ask Charmaine. Then again, that whole softball thing was said of Janine when she nailed the question. Hers was not a softball question and neither was Ara’s. Luck may have something to do with one’s situation but Destiny plays the bigger part in our individual life. It was her Destiny to be our representative to MU. Live with it. I’m sorry your candidate didn’t win the MU title but that’s the way it went. Move on. Besides, it’s just a pageant, right? No need to overanalyze and be super critical and bitter about another candidates win or “loss”, right? No need to continuously say she’s boring, she’s plain, Mutya or Pia should have been our rep, or that she has bags under her eyes, or that her hair is styled wrong, or that her nose is funny, right? After all, it is just a pageant and you’re only teasing, right?

      • @Venus Rah

        Ok, it’s established.. your one crazy bitch!
        How about I shove that softball up your ass then tell us if it’s soft enough?

      • yes i agree venus!!!! AGAIN ANOTHER SHOT OF ARA BEING OUTSHONE BY THE OTHERS….. I MUST SAY ARA IS AN ABOVE AVERAGE CLAPPER!!!!!! …. gawd…. her answer was a POOR WOMANS version of shusmi’s answer in m. u. …. YET ANOTHER PROOF SHE IS NOT THE ONE!!!

      • @Flor. Yet another Troll dragged in here by @venus rah to try and get her minions to jump to her defense. @Venus rah – love all the tags you’ve come up with. Don’t get them confused. You’ve already done a fine cut and paste in another thread under a different tag. Careful, you’re getting a little careless…

      • @Philip, I told you guys… I think Basil, Bertha and Venus is just one person.. It’s Funny that Venus thinks that she finds the 2 others amusing even when it’s usually their comments that has the most thumbs down…
        @Closer, I suggest a frozen Durian!hahaha

      • Right closer2fame, ahem, I mean Markus…. ajajajajaja!!!!

      • Gloria Diaz must be right when she said that more than being a competition of wits and beauty,it’s 99% luck,and I believe her.

  8. Ara is the prettiest after granny Jonas. Please Aces and Queens get the best photographer because I find the pictures mediocre.

  9. Pia and Mutya grabbed my attention in this photo. I agree with the comment made by Jay. Perhaps they should try a more “oriental” look for Ara so as to differentiate her from the Latinas. Accentuate her eyes and high cheek bones ala Gloria Diaz’ cat eyes and make up circa 1969 with a full tall pony tail to accenuate a longer neck and to add more visual height. I’m sure Gaffud will be experimenting with various looks between now and November. I hope he comes up with the right and winning look for Ara.

  10. Contrary to what other people say, Ara looks pretty and exotic here. She matches up well on the two ladies on the right. (Except, maybe, Mutya ;))

    But something is off with her dress and posture here. It’s not flattering to her and even exposed a full tummy. They should have removed the ornament on the waist as it places focus on that area.

  11. Training, training, training!
    Hair bun, hair bun, hair bun!
    Shamcey had he best training and transformation ever.
    Venus trained so hard on hairstyling only to have an updo in the finals,same with MarengJanine, nyetang ponytail yan.
    Lunud na lunod si Ara pag katabi nya ang apat na babaita.
    Hindi ko pa rin maabsorb kung bakit sa lima ay sya ang highest placer, gusto kong mag move on pero di ko magawa, nakakainit ng ulo.
    Clapper alert for the Philippines. Momentum was broken just because of the Q/A during the Binibini finals.
    These four ladies were robbed bigtime by Ara.
    Challenge sayo yan Ara,work hard or should I say work as if it’s the end of the world.
    Only a chainsaw can shape her hips area.
    If only Mutya is our rep then a charming candidate can wow the Universe and easily win the hearts of the judges to secure a semi slot.

    • Yung Totoo?!! ..
      Oo maganda mukha ng bet mo pero mas maganda ang katawan ni Ara, mas may pinag aralan at mas magaling mag English sa totoo lang.. Yun ang dahilan kung bakit sya nanalo.. Intiendes?!

      • @Fabtastix With all due respect, Ara may not be that well-versed also in English as seen on her interviews. She is most comfortable when she speaks in Tagalog and she uses “super” and “patang” all the time as if it’s already in her speaking vocabulary. (See youtube videos: Bandila, the Buzz, the Bottomline) However, it’s a long way run til November 9 and I’m sure Ara can still improve.

        @Basil With regards to her body, she didnt win the Best in Swimsuit for nothing, did she?

      • @Angela marx

        Sabi ko mas magaling mag English si Ara kesa kay Mutya, hindi ba totoo?!.. parang pinepersonal nyo na yung tao kung maka kontra kayo.. kung kanya kanyang opinion tayo e ikumapara na natin si Mutya kay Ara.. lamang ng konti sa ganda ng mukha si Mutya.. .pero pagbalibaligtarin mo man ang mundo si Ara parin and mas may pinag aralan at halatang halata naman.

      • @Fabplastix

        Mahaderang bruhang bakla ka!
        Ang komento ko ay komento ko at ang sa iyo ay sa iyo.
        Tagalog yan para maintindihan mo.
        Ganito lang kasimple, kung ano mang sabon o bareta ang ginagamit mong panlinis ng pototoy o pukelya mo ay wala akong pakialam, sabon at bareta mo yan,kaya wag kang manghimasok sa mga komento ko.
        Letse kang aswang ka.

      • @Basil

        Hoy Basil! Kung ayaw mo ng may nag rereply sa mga walang kwenta mong komento e wag ka dito mag post!
        Kaya nga inembento ang reply button! Ang talino mo sobra! huwaaaaaw! Ikaw na ang dyosa!
        Wala ka naman masabing maganda kahit kanino at halata naman. Ako dinedepensahan ko lang ang sarili kong bet dahil sinisiraan mong mahadera ka! Pa english english ka pa.. puro basura din naman ang mga sinsabi mo! Halatang halata na wala kang pinag aralan! Matuwa ka nga dapat dahil pinansin pa kita.. Pwe!

      • @Fabplastix,
        Mahadera kang bakla ka.
        Sarap mong sampalin ng gusali.
        Ikaw na ang may pinag-aralan,ikaw na ang righteous.
        Pero ano ba ang tawag sa taong pumapatol sa taong walang pinag-aralan.
        Tse, puro kayo pagpapasikat, mg buwang na righteous.
        Alin lang s dalawa, tyahin ka ni Ara or suki ka nya sa karinderya.

      • Hoy, hindi ko ka-anu ano si Ara pero iniidolo ko sya dahil sya ang nanalo at hindi ang gusto mo! Kahit mamilipit ka pa, maghandusay sa lapag at siraan ng siraan yung tao e wala ka nang magagawa! Kaya hindi umuunlad ang bansa natin e dahil sa mga taong kagaya mo na puro lang reklamo! Wala ka namang naitutulong sa ikabubuti ng nakararami! In short, salot ka! Ang bagay sa mga salot, pinapatay!

      • @fabplastix,
        Nahiya naman ako sa balat mo!
        Pero salamat sa pagiging apektado mo.
        I Thank You!

    • finally people are speaking up against what is soooo obvious that Ara is not the one!…. its not bashing is so clear that she hasnt progress in photos…. and gawd i cant wait what kind of train wreck is going to come out of her mouth….!…..

      • The only people bitching are you and your army of Trolls. Get a life. Get over your loss and bitterness and quit trying to be some pathetic pageant expert wanna be minion. You want to see a train wreck? Look no further than your alter ego here using a different tag.

      • @philip bobby: Wait a minute… But aren’t you that troll who just made outlandish claims of having graduated from Yale (lol!) to try and impress? And that you claim to have been born with blonde hair and green eyes, that your family speaks Spanish even though you’re Filipino, and all your other freakin BS, etc., to try and impress? Look in the mirror! You’re the train wreck you PATHETIC LOSER!!! ajajajaja!!!!

  12. Hi Kuya Norman, is Jonas now allowed to train the other girls who are not under A&Q?

  13. I hope they can experiment more an Ara’s look :-)…….. the hari and makeup is pretty but I have to agree that its pretty safe

    Just a suggestion

    1. maybe they shold try the eye makeup of Janine :-)…. Im sure they already did but I noticed that her eye make-up accentuates her big eyes (which is her asset)… maybe they should try to make it look like the Gloria Diaz big but chinky look during the Ms Universe…. Yes, Ara’ s eyes are not chinky and we dont want to deny that its beautifully big 🙂 but maybe an oriental look on big eyes will work well. This was done by Ms Japan 2008 and it was such a big hit in pageant

    2. maybe they should also try a different hairstyle? I remember Shamcey wore that short wig during a pictorial and people readilly took noticed of her.. they showed a different pic with a different hairstyle and people realized how versatile she is… At the top of my head… the Venus Raj type of bun will work well on Ara (added height too)

    3. Do they even consider a BOOB JOB for ARA? this has never been done for our MUP… but a breast implant will add more shape in her figure… Look at Dyanna Mendoza- she was naturally skinny and she doesnt have that traditional Latina body but the breast implant made all the difference… all of a sudden she was shapely 🙂

    anyway- im just hinking outlout

  14. I think Ara will be his biggest challenge out of the last 4 Binibinis.

    Venus is not the prettiest girl… But she’s very exotic and she has that “it” factor. Plus she has a bubbly personality. Even though not the prettiest, she is a stand out. I also love it when she speaks in pure Tagalog. Her tagalog vocabulary is very good. She sounds very intelligent and very classy.

    Shamcey was older…. Therefore mature. She knew what she needed to do. She’s also very smart and good conversationalist. Even before Jonas, she already knew how to “agaw eksena” on stage.

    Janine, even though short, had the “poster child” look for Filipinas … She was kinda in the middle… Not the best speaker, but she was “moldable” (not a word, I know!)

    Ara… Ugh… She’s pretty. Don’t get me wrong… But she has that “safe” look… Meaning not edgy or fierce…. Also her personality is quite dry. She’s very soft spoken and very feminine… Which is not a bad thing, but our girls are not making it to TOP 5 in Miss Universe because they are pretty… They make it to TOP 5 because they are edgy and fierce….

    I think Ara needs to hangout with people like Vice Ganda or Chokoleit… Maybe she can adapt their sarcasm, quick wit and outgoing personality. Lol.

    Just my two cents.

    • Ur right! Of the 5 BBP Gold winners Ara has the weakest personality.

      • Correct!!! she’s so dry..dry…dry…Mutya Datul or Pia Wurtzbach are the best rep. for the MUP in Russia MU13…

      • Getting sick and tired of seeing people saying that Pia or whoever should be our MU2013 rep. Ilang months nalang ber months na, move on na rin sana tayo.

    • Well- Venus is PRETTY!!! 🙂 may not be pinoy pretty but she is beautiful from the start… people are saying she won becoz she is smart but if you watch all her pageants- you would know that the interview is actually her weakest link…. she has this great body and beautiful face (can be commercial and edgy)…. Even with weak interview skills…. we cannot deny that Venus is SMART… and what with everything that happened before her stint in Las Vegas, we can attribute her victory with the fact that the woman is SMART and ….. yes naturally beautiful

      Shamcey is SMART!!! and she knows how to do her homework… her winning factor is the fact that she is extremely intelligent and very easy to adopt…. a lot of people doubted her when she won because she was actually skinny and for some, was not an automatic standout like Venus… but becoz she is SMART, learning and training was easy

      Janine was the BIG challenge when she won— to start with, she needed to tone down…. she doesnt look exceptionally beautiful like maybe Venus and Shamcey but she looks very Pinay…. the kind of Pinay look that is well appreciated globally (mind you, not all Pinay look are in that level…..like Lia or Tere are very pinay but not the kind of commercially pretty Pinay like Mirriam)….. more than anything she is SMART…. so learning and putting a game plan was easy

      The commond denominator for all of these women is the fact that they are all SMART!!! they dont even look similar—- they totally look different from each other

      Now with ARA—- is she SMART?…………… A BIG YES
      Is she beautiful enough? A BIG YES
      …………….Then that’s all we need to know…. the EDGY look, the LANDI FACTOR…. and all other things we are looking are SECONDARY!!!

  15. The Guru who started it all, I salute you Mr. Jonas G, for making our representatives shine and be the brightest in the entire Universe….. Bravura

      • @Venus Rah
        Shut up BITCH!
        You want to start a WAR?
        Don’t you start bullying me, Hindi kita uurungan.
        I’ll put that thesaurus and shove it to your stinky ass BITCH!

      • @pinaygem I’ll buy the lube.

      • Lighten up ! This blog is all on good fun. I thought someone as verbose as you would come up with a wittier rejoinder.
        Really ? Bitch is the best you could come up with?
        Seriously though I mean no ill will with my comments … Just teasing .. Sorry if you can’t handle it

      • @Philipi Bobby

        Sir Bobby, I suggest that you forget about the lube..


        Forget about the Thesaurus.. I’l buy you a huge whole PINEAPPLE to shove up her ass!

      • oh how i love this quick witted repartee! what great conversationalists! a pineapple? lube? stinky ass bitch? are you guys Stanford grads? Princeton perhaps? i mean, you people are so smart you make it difficult for average folks to keep up! ajajajajajaja!!!!

      • @Bertha. Actually, it’s Yale. You got s problem with that? The reason we write like we just did is so you can understand what’s being said, otherwise, it may just go over your head.

      • go venus go!!!!! id suggest you through that mug to aras head then maybe shell look more alive …. ! its so funny philip…. blah blah blah faggot thinks we re the same person…. obviously hes guilty of doing what hes accusing us….! free country faggot(philip)….. we can express our displeasure and dislike for an underserving sub par contestant as ARA! dont worry philip im sure jonas has trained ara well enough to clap! …. wow… i wonder when jonas will actually produce a real WINNER!….. swallow that bitch

      • @Flor. Let me lower myself to a level of communication your undeveloped brain MIGHT be able to comprehend…

        You pussy faced, retarded, piece of crap who can’t think for yourself much less form an original thought. Calling me a faggot is the best you’ve got? Listen up you illegitimate son of bitch, go back to school and learn how to form a complete sentence, the first graders you’ll be with can show you how to do it. Yes we all have the right to express ourselves but we do not have the right to degrade and demean without conseqences and if your pea sized, ignorant, uneducated, shrunken, ugly little brain can’t comprehend that, then lock yourself up in your cardboard box you call home until you can learn what a true debate is about. I don’t know whether to give your parents an award for putting up with your crap or sue them for bringing you into this world. I have this feeling I haven’t lowered myself enough to speak at a level you could possibly understand. Then again, you’ve created a new, low, level of stupidity that NO ONE wants to stoop to that level.

    • Such intolerance here… I guess it proves my point that the moment you express a differing opinion you are crucified.
      Please respect the fact there people who do not think Ara has what it takes. Why must you always go for personal attacks….Your (@Phil,Closer,Pnay) attacks aren’t even funny or clever. Learn from Basil and Bertha… they are always lighthearted and funny.

      • That’s the pot calling the kettle black. You are the attacker here and when jumped on retreat into this “innocent” post. Your intolerance of results and people who are willing to support the results regardless of who they supported is way too obvious for you to yet again hide behind this”lighten up” BS you pull everytime. How long before you pull more “Pia/Mutya should have won, Ara is plain, she needs the bags removed from her eyes, etc.” and then wonder why you and your other tags get raked over the coals? Intolerance? Buddy, look in the mirror and say that to yourself before you hurl that label at someone else. There’s nothing light/light hearted in your comments. Your “critiques” are more attacks and bitterness so don’t get on your soapbox and cry out for pity and understanding and tolerance when you do not exhibit any of those qualitues from any of your tags or your minions.

      • Hi sir philip bobby, aka “Yale grad”, wow, your impressive academic credentials are really something! Makes me wanna be nicer to you and start kissing your ass….NOT!!!! ajajajajajajajajaja!!!!!

      • Why would I want your filthy lips on my ass? My ass is cleaner than your filthy mouth. You got a problem with someone wanting a higher education? You probably do. The more ignorant a person is, the better you feel about yourself and your own stupidity, right?

      • @Venus Rah

        Wow, Intolerance? LOL.. Are you not talking about yourself again? hahaha
        Now you guys are obviously one person… same old mirroring again just like Basil and Bertha…

        Is bashing on other people the only way you feel good about yourself?
        In case you don’t know,the things you say about other people, says more about you…

        Must be a really crappy life you have there?.. 🙂

      • ooohhhooo…sir philip sounds superior and self-righteous! must be because he thinks his mestizo lineage gives him the right to bark orders at everyone else. oh, and don’t forget, he also speaks Spanish and graduated from “Yale” DAW… ajajajajajaja!!!

    • did she just say “bravura”???? ajajajajajaja…ajajaja!!!! oh my gawd!

      • @Pinay

        I think what this basher/bashers wants is to provoke all of us..I’m sure nobody wants to be around them in person. They keep on trolling around these blogs just to feed on their desperate craving for attention.

      • Really? closer2fame, este Marcus! Whatever! Cover blown! YOURS! ajajajaja!!!!

      • @Bertha

        Now you want to pass your shtick on other people? That’s just pathetic!

      • @closer2marcus: WHATEVER !!!! ajajajajaja… ajajajajaja!!!!

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