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  1. Hi Mr. Norman. I’m just interested to know these infos about Mr. & Ms. Chinatown Search (2013): 1) Who is the founder/s, owner/s and organizers of this Pageant (Are they individuals, organization or company)? 2) What is the website of this contest? I googled it but can’t find any. If they are “bongga,” why no website yet?

    ‘Hope you could give good answers to my 2 questions! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. OMG! as in oh my God. what’s happening……. is it a big issue?
    i think we should shut up.

  3. Global Pinoys (half-breed) can compete in our national pageant. While these CHINOY realyl I am so fascinated by them. Mga guapos and maganda. And the fact… multi lingual sila…. Dapat mag join sila sqa mga locaql pageant natin…. Is the winner of Miss Chinatown Philippines 2013 going to represent the PH in Miss Chinatown International?…..

  4. The lady winner is lovely. Not a typical chinita but more of a Shamcey Supsup type of beauty. Her runner up (in red) is also a stunner.

    I have to reserve some opinions on the male winner though. However, his two runner ups are cute and can even pass as twins.

  5. Sir Norms, mixed emotions ako habang pinapanood ko ang Mr. & Ms. Chinatown 2013. Medyo na-impress ako sa pageant production considering na di naman sya national pageant. Sad naman on the other hand coz bakit mas maganda pa ang presentation nila sa ibang malalaking beauty pageants like Ms.Philippines World. Bakit di magawa ng ibang pageants na mapaganda ang production nila? is it the budget?, The Organizer? Technical People?

    • Angel, its the Chinese backing and their big budget. They have the clout to even ask ABSCBN to air it on the night itself with two of the network’s hottest stars as male hosts. That’s what you call “hindi tinipid”. 🙂

      • That’s very true Sir Norman. At first nagtataka din ako bakit pinatulan ng ABS na i-air ang isang local and unknown pageant. Pero nung makita ko yung sangkatutak na advertisements na pumasok during the telecast , it answered my question. Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng clout. At nung makita yung bonggang production, ang nasabi ko na lang, iba talaga ang nagagawa ng may pera.At mas malaki pa yung cash prize nung winners nila kesa sa ibang national pageants. So dapat bang hawakan na din ng mga Chinese ang Bb. Pilipinas para mas bongga ang presentation? lol

  6. Malakas siyempre mga chekwa (heard this word from a friend and I believe it’s racist but who cares lol)…they practically own the country..the guys are uhm tall, and the girls well, they will NEVER be as beautiful as true Malay-blooded Filipinas..

  7. I always had a crush on Randy at Ateneo..
    I thought he was so nice to me in person..
    but when I gave him a friend request on facebook.. He didn’t confirm me! 😦
    Your seriously rejecting all this gorgeousness?!!!!!

    I think he’s gay! Joke! LOL 😀

    • Randy See and the rest can compete in our the local search Mr. Manhunt PH, Mr. IP and Mr. WP…. why not?

  8. Randy See is very deserving to win the first ever Mr. Chinatown 2013. Randy See and the rest can compete in our local pageant such as Mr. Manhunt PH, Mr. IP and Mr. WP….

  9. At ano naman ang advocacy ng pageant na ito?
    Ang mamudmod ng siomai at mga imitated designers’ clothes and bags.
    Mega televise pa ang ABS-CBN as if this contest matters.

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