8 comments on “Miss Universe Serbia Ana Vrcelj: placing 3rd ain’t bad at all

  1. I recently saw an ad for Miss Venezuela mundo which is headed by Ozmel S.
    The winner will represent Venezuela next year, Julia Morley is sucessful in convincing Miss World franchise holders to have a separate search for Miss World alone, she still thinks that miss world is the primal title in the whole universe that depicts prestige and credibility, which most of us disagree.
    I find Miss World the sole awardee for the most BORING pageant in this planet.
    So Miss Cory Q, nahawa ka na rin ba sa pagka “borrisima aunor” Ni Ka Huling?
    It’s already July this Monday at Ni radio ad eh wala kayong ginagawa?
    Ibalik na lang sa Binibining Pilipinas Charities ulit, or else Madamme Julia Morley might just commission Kuya Germs to head Miss World Philippines search as part of his weekly show “walang tulugan”.
    Mabuti pa ang “Eat Bulaga’s” Super Sireyna search may budget at sponsors at may progress….. So Cory Q……. Ansavehh at anyarehhhh. LOL

    • What if she appointed Megan Young na lang? Cory Q can save money for next year’s search which I hope she starts much earlier.

      • Julia Morley will be very disappointed with just an appointment. I’m still positive Ms. Quirino will have the coronation night over with and done by August. 😉

      • Or maybe Cory should just do what she feels she needs to do (appoint someone, etc. ) and just accept the fact that there’s no pleasing Ms. Morley, no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try. Miss World’s been holding pageants since 1951 and I find it strange that not once in its 60+ years of history did it find a Filipina “worthy” to win a title which I find preposterous given the number of other international titles the Philippines has won. Then along came China ($$) who joined Miss World as a late participant in 2001, and suddenly like magic, they have TWO Miss World titles!!! Really?! Screw Miss Morley!

  2. Speaking of Miss World, what is going on with MWP? Any word from Cory Q.? Potential candidates anyone? Or do we need to lower our expectations this early and just “expect” na lang that this will not be a good year for us in regard to Miss World.

    • Yes, sadly, Cory Q. seems to be sending us the message that we should lower our expectations this year. 😦

  3. Oozing with sex appeal.
    She’s very qualified to be a Victoria’s Secret Angels.

    Nakakatawa naman tong national pageant na to, they’re giving much emphasis to MW rather than the MU.
    Tuloy, sa tingin ng mga nakakaunawa na ang MU ang supreme pageant e parang na-demote pa ang 1st-runner-up.
    Kaya minsan mas okay pang maging 2nd-runner-up.

    • Rule ata ni Ms. Julia Morley na winner ang ipapadala sa pageant nya. Kung maalala ko nung 1999, winner ng Ms. Venezuela ang pinadala ni Osmel para ma appease si Julia. DI nga lang nakakatuwa ang resulta.

      She(Julia) thinks hers is the best in the world. Or so she thinks. 🙂

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