4 comments on “Jeanette Borhyová: Slovak Rep’s Miss for MU2013

  1. She’s beautiful. But among the Slavic candidates, she’s behind Poland and Croatia. My opinion is based solely on their photos of course.

  2. Hotness overload that is Miss Slovak Rep.
    Pornish ang dating nya sa akin.
    Pero mangangabog tyak ang babaitang ito sa Moscow,for all we know mahilig sa porn ang mga Ruso.

  3. Yes, the Slavic contingent (includes Russia) to Miss Universe will be the darlings of the Russian press. Outside of that group, USA and Israel will get noticed for obvious reasons. Then maybe a couple of the Latinas with sash factors like Puerto Rico and Venezuela. It will be an uphill climb for Asians this year, but I’m sure the Philippines with its own strong candidate and sash factor will be leading the way.

  4. Lately, eastern European countries are sending stunningly beautiful ladies that are at par(or better) with the Latinas.

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