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  2. The camera loves Mutya! Her fave is just stunning on every angle there is! Ara on the other hand needs t find which angle suits the camera because she looks masculine in some shots.

  3. Depending at which angle the photograph is taken, I’ve noticed that Ara’s face can either be stunningly beautiful, or not so. Her two photos above show that her three-quarter shot presents a more beautiful face than a direct frontal shot. The lesson here is that she should know what her best angles are at all times and learn to use them to her advantage whenever she is in front of the camera.

  4. I do agree that Mutya’s face is more attractive due to the youthful facial features that she posses which is in contrast to some of Ara’s sharp features. When it comes to body, Mutya has some skeletal features that are of good structure but when you look both of them as a whole, Ara is by far more proportioned. Mutya’s voice and candor can be very charming in contrast to Ara’s cautious wit and suppressed intelligence but since Miss Universe is not just a modeling contest, Ara’s academic credentials can guarantee more substance and sophistication. Mutya’s story and capabilities is suitable for Miss Supranational or at most, Miss World while Ara’s educational background and beauty as a whole is most ideal for Miss Universe.

  5. Ara wins MU2013
    MU2014 is in the Philippines and…
    Hopefully Mutya tries to and would get MU2014

    o diba, talo ni Mutya si Stefania

  6. These two are my favorite ladies in the BBP Gold and honestly I would have wanted Mutya to win Miss Universe Philippines crown. A caveat however: I do not fully regret Ara’s victory to the point of bashing her for the sake of it, instead, it’s an opportunity for us to work hard for her, hopefully, eventual (though not predictable) win. There must be something captivating in her the judges saw on stage that we mere spectators might be too myopic to access. I really believe Ara’s strength is being a dark horse comparable to that of Leila’s and Olivia’s time.

    If Mutya had won the crown, don’t you think she might be a Bodine? That is, we’d rest on our laurels and expect to snatch a victory and suffer Puerto Rico’s fate of having of complacency that in the end Bodine clapped?

    Fine, the what-if’s could be inevitable (ie what if Mutya had won MUP?) but the point is not to dwell in regrets but to constantly support Ara in her hard work despite the wavering fears of her not placing. And then the victory would be so much sweeter.

    • Okay fine I admit, I still hope Mutya could try again for MUP. Can she still be part of it for next next year? Not so much to ensure a predictable victory for the Philippines as to have a beautiful embodied representation of our country.

      • Having won a crown and a title, Mutya can no longer compete next year (even the next). This is what happened to Elaine Moll who – despite being only proclaimed as 1st RU in 2012 – is already prevented from rejoining BBP owing to the Miss Supranational Philippines title given prior to her trip to Poland.

    • @Max

      Exactly!.. I am both a fan of Ara and Mutya. I agree that both of them have strengths and weaknesses that is lacking on the other.Hence, I trust the judges’ decision for choosing their placements based on what is suitable to their given attributes.

  7. I think these two deserved their place. Great potentials.

    I must admit I like Mutya the most. She is very pretty sans makeup, then turns into a Goddess when done with.

  8. There is something about Mutya.

    It’s kinda hard to pin point…

    But seeing photos of her wearing her crown and in her evening gown, she really does poses a royalty look…

    She gives me a “Princess” vibe… A princess from a South East Asian royal family.

    Ara, however….. I am still hoping she will surprise and prove me wrong on pageant night… But as of now, all I see is a pretty face and a nice long black hair.

  9. Two words for Mutya. “Ikaw na!” I plead my right to remain silent re Ara.

  10. I think Ara will rock Miss Universe. There will always be people who are so pessimistic about our girl’s chances in making the top 16. That’s what people said last year with Janine, and look, she placed 1st runner up. Then Shamcey as well, and before that Venus.

    As for Mutya, well, if Supranational wants to attract and be popular to filipino fans, Mutya must break the top 20. Though Mutya can do it without a doubt, we do not know what the judges are looking for. And out of the 4 winners, 3 are blonde Eastern European (with Panama as the sole latina winner as WBA is a Panama-based company).

    • @ Sleuth

      Ara is definitely getting in top 16 from online voting… From there on, she’s on her own.

      I just hope she develops that “agaw eksena” walk and vice like what Venus, Shamcey & even Janine did.

      Also…. I really hope she develops her personality. She needs to be more charming and adorable when she speaks

  11. Is it my monitor or sadyang lumalaki ang ulo ni Ara sa pic. Wow lang si Mutya, winner talaga ang aura.

  12. Mutya will definitely soar high.
    Just her face alone,it’s a diamond in the sky.
    But with Ariella, I’m afraid that she’ll also have a fate of Bianca Natalo and Gionna Cabrera.
    Overhyping equates clapping.
    Clapper alert for Ara.
    I think she’s so plain and bland.
    Her only chance is to have a vibe portrayed by Kurara Chibana.
    I really can’t see an xfactor of her,especially if she’s standing next to Mutya,Pia Bea and Cindy.
    Those are local beauties,how much more in the Miss Universe stage.
    Or maybe it’s just me that is unseeing the diamond in her.
    Peace to Ara’s supporters,but I’m just telling the truth to what I have observed.
    If she made it to the semis,good for her.
    But if not, nothing to be surprised.

    Ara Mina, 69, Bangkusai!

    • Ara is pretty but that’s all… Her picture next to Mutya speaks a thousand words… Of the two as yourself “who would I want to hang out with?” Mutya just looks more charming and alluring. There is something about Mutya that you want to discover more of. With Ara it’s like… Yes she’s pretty but so what… Meh

      • Sana mahawa si Ara kahit konti ng charming aura ni ateng Mutya ;p We all can’t deny the fact that the latter is very charming and knows how to be a scene stealer. But in fairness I have to agree to the person who posted that Ara has a better physique. there’s still a lot of time for Ara to transform so for now we can just sit back first, relax and see what A&Q is brewing for her.

  13. Good luck to the both of these ladies! I’m very excited! 🙂

  14. My intuition sees that Ariella and MJ will shine in Moscow and Minsk, and seeing other country’s rep, I would say Philippines will shake, rattle and roll the world of beauty pageantry once more…..
    Mark my word!!!

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