7 comments on “The Kiss of Controversy

  1. This is an ultimate dream of every straight guy – gorgeous girls going at it. 😉

  2. These two really know how to silently steal the spotlight bigtime.
    Very gorgeous women, perfect cheekbones.

  3. This is a time of joy but at the same time, bittersweet. To those I knew along the way who did not live to see this day, I rejoice in it for you, for us. For those of us who fought and were ridiculed, we have now been validated and the unkind words have now come back to bite you.

    To those of you who were born before what is now a more accepting atmosphere, don’t take it for granted. There are still those of us who live in places where being openly gay is dangerous and life threatening. It may be 2013 but there are still places where people live with 19th Century mentality, supported by politicians who are vocal gay opponents while secretly sleeping with “the enemy”. If you are living in an area that is accepting of the gay lifestyle, consider yourself blessed. For the rest, support them verbally, mentally, and with your votes. Don’t be comfortable with your supportive environment and think the world has completely changed. It hasn’t. It’s changing, but in pockets. But with the pockets ever increasing in numbers, perhaps one day, people will no longer judge what happens between two consenting adults but will focus on the more important matters that will help renew, restore, and refresh this planet. In the interim, God bless us all and give us all the strength to continue to work for equality for all and I do mean FOR ALL.

    • Very true Sir Phillip Bobby Sr.
      Continue the vigilance in exercising Human Rights in this planet, and equality among all of us, regardless of age, race, gender,and sexual orientation.

  4. United States of America once again proved to the world that there is equality among straight and gay individuals, gay couples will soon have the privileges to get married here in California as Proposition 8 will be uplifted as supported by the current Supreme court ruling!……. This is indeed Great news!
    As I was watching television last night on TFC, immigration lawyer Michael Gurfinkel is already promoting on his ad tv about Gay couples to petition their partners to be with them here in america, which his law firm is already accepting application for the said petition…….
    Truly this is sweet!!! Equal rights for everyone, so guys start looking for an American, I would love to meet and be friends with you here in “The Land of milk and Honey”……. USA
    by the way, I love the photo of Belle and Georgina!

  5. Eh… It’s 2013… It’s really not a big deal…. I think it’s great that they support Gay equal rights..

    Jay Leto recently did a photoshoot dressed as a drag… And he’s straight.

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