10 comments on “When a candidate refuses to be crowned

  1. May pagka-mahadera ang peg nitong babaita na to, pero dahil mahadera sya ay pwede kaming maging magkumare.
    Mahadera rules!

  2. what a brat 🙂

    its like joining a sports competition and forgetting sportsmanship along the way

    But I have to say, she actually expected to win… and I cannot blame her for that- she is gorgeous. But she should have understood that there is no guarantee in a competition- unless there were some promises made along the way … hmmmm i love this drama, one for the books

  3. She was just being true to herself and made clear of her expectations. She’s gutsy.

    Speaking of refusal, our very own Evangeline Pascual also made the bold move of refusing the duties of Ms. World 1973. Her reasons were valid though, she was the clear standout during the pageant.

    • I think you cannot compare Korinna’s epxerience with our very own Evangeline. The reason why Evangeline refused is because she is only given the duties but not the title, that’s like saying you’re given the duties of a manager but you’re still a staff – which is very not fair.

  4. Well at least she had the balls to refuse it, right there and then. Not a lot of people would have had the guts to do that! 🙂

    • I actually feel for Korinna in a way. Having represented her country in Miss Earth back in 2009, being sent to Miss Intercontinental next is like a demotion of sorts. No offense meant to the the latter’s organizers, though.

      • hi Norman- Ms Hungary lost or dropped the ME franshise? 😦 I was wondering how can they prioritize Intecontinental over Earth on this? Is there a new franchise owner for ME in Hungary?

      • I thin the reason why Miss hungary does not have the Miss Earth franchise anymore is because they don’t take it seriously. They did nto senda delegate last year and 2010, and they did not send at least a replacement just like in 2010 when the original winner could not go to miss world because of injuries and so miss earth-hungary was sent, but they did not find a replacement for the rep to ME. And once you skip a competition, you lose the ME franchise.

        but i’m not worried, a new franchise holder will send hungary to Miss Earth – a total of 107 delegates for this year

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