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  1. Riza’s bubbly personality is her edge over Ara, plus her sweet face.
    I would go for someone who has a great personality rather than a boring one.
    So between the two, Riza is on the top.

  2. Sweethearts! Por hebens sek! Ara will kick this girl’s butt in Moscow! Mark my words peepol! Ara is plain anstapabol! She will kick everyone’s butts! Ara weel ween Miss Universo! Ara WTF, I mean FTW! jajajajajajaja!!!

  3. Riza is a POTENTIAL threat only because by crowning her, the MUO would be able to appease BOTH Filipinos AND Canadians. It’ll be like hitting two birds with one stone. Much like how they did it when they appeased both the Russians and the Canadians when MUO gave the title to Natalia Glebova, a full-blooded Russian, born in Russia, but represented Canada when she won in 2005. But of course this is just SPECULATION. I’m hoping the MUO will crown whoever is the most deserving candidate and cast politics aside!

  4. While Riza’s personality and candidness shines during interviews, I think what drags her down is her physique (no shape and I think what makes her look more “shapeless” around the tummy area is the fats behind her tummy) and her pasarela is just so-so considering that she’s already a pageant veteran. Maybe I’m just expecting more from her since she’s been in most of the major beauty pageants already representing Canada.

    • At ako pa ngayon ang naging hater? Wow ha. You know what guys, sometimes it’s better to shut up if you don’t have anything nice to say.

      • @Sheena

        Duda ko, isang tao lang kausap mo. Ang hilig lang nila mag tagalog accent kunwari pero hindi naman sila nag tatagalog.. ibang angelo ata kausap mo.. pinag aaway lang nila tayong lahat…

      • Closer2Fame, maybe nga siguro. I’m just peeved with people lang who needs to be too barbaric i.e. using the word Hoe and “banana eating”. Haller naman diba? Ugaling jologs at it’s finest. Gawain nila wag ipasa sa ibang tao and I hope also kuya Norms can do something about these pathetic jejemons before these creatures turn this website into a jologs haven.

      • @Sheena

        I don’t think their jejemons, I think their just foreigners pretending to be one. Gusto lang ata nila magkalat ng negative tags on blog posts associated with our candidate. Dapat ata binaban ni Norman or dinedelete ang mga comments nila for our own marketing purposes. (@Norman, suggestion lang.)

      • Closer2Fame,
        Feeling porengers ata teh ang mga yan

        And yeah I know you guys are reading this, YES kayo angelo and BV! Pathetic nyo lang hahahahaha 🙂

  5. POSSIBLE TOP 10 MISS U 2013


      • Yes, Israel. She’s the strongest black candidate thus far because of her rags-to-riches story which makes her a shoo-in.

        I’d also include at least a couple of Slavic candidates who no doubt will be popular with the Russians from any of these countries: Croatia, Ukraine, Poland, Montenegro, etc. Slav factor, I call it. 🙂

  6. I think our advantage since Venus is that we have found trainers who have found ways to make our girls stand out from the inside and out. The signature walk may be trivially named for some but it’s one major key to the Philippines’ top placements in the past three years. It’s the girl who finds her walk and not the other way around, and this coupled with everything else- fitness, hairstyle and make-up- is the recipe to create a contestant who shines because she knows who she is when she gets to the MU stage. Who would have thought that Janine could have transformed the way she did with critics even suggesting interpreters for her??? And yet beyond the fit body and the flawless styling, she was still essentially the same girl, except that she was comfortable and confident with who she was. There was no pretense or effort. Riza is stunning but aside from a slight change of styling and the loss of a few pounds, she is essentially the same person who competed in Miss Earth and Ms World; just a bundle of the same tics and poses. Filipina or not, I’m solely rooting for and looking forward to the girl who has Philippines on her sash.

    • Janine Tugonon didnt need an interpreter to begin with. She’s a Cum Laude from UST and her q&A during the BB pilipinas coronation was I think far more believable that she’ll make it to the top 5 of Miss Universe compared to Ariella Arida. Ara Arida’s speaking skills are yet to be improved. It’s one thing to change and hone your looks from the outside but it’s a whole different thing to express yourself through communication. I think that’s what she lacks compared to Venus, Shamcey and Janine.

      • Riza can take the attention away from Ara if she plays up her “I’m half Filipino” card. Her better conversation skills will highlight Ara’s poor communication skills. Sad to say 😦

      • She says she’s a mix of Filipino, Spanish and Chinese… Maybe she doesn’t understand that most Filipinos are of mixed racial ancestry… Ariella is pure Filipina but she looks more mestiza than Riza.. Just a thought…

      • There have been plenty of MU winners who HAD interpreters and horrible speaking voices (don’t you just cringe at the prelims when the current queen is tasked to host?) plus, didn’t Ms Venezuela 2012 totally had a brain spaz with her Q&A and yet got 2nd runner her up for her efforts? I think they’re chosen more for who they really are rather than polished communication skills…

      • @Angela Marx

        Let’s not forget that Ara is the one who graduated BS Chemistry at the school with the highest standard of education in our country and she is also the most facially beautiful among the four. 🙂

  7. The Ms Canada Organization has enjoyed a considerable success in the MU… even before Natalie’s win in 2005, they have been sending girls that are competitive, making it to the finals. But since 2007, or over 6 years now, they seem to have been missing the mark…. I hope Riza is the girl they have been waiting… Last year’s winner would have been a great rep., but things got in the way of her competing for Canada.

    Riza like Ara is very much Pinoy….and it would be great to see her succeed in the MU stage. It would be such a big celebration 2 Pinays in the finals

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