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  1. Ang ganda ng beki na ‘to! At ang tarush mag-english! Winnah!!! 🙂

  2. I just saw the whole Eat Bulaga episode and Maki was a standout from the beginning!!!:


    Now those are pageant costumes!!!!!!!

    I hope Ara could wear the silver wings and the halo for a payoneta of the 4th semi-finalist…

    It’l be perfect once she wears it with the highlight of Michael Cinco’s latest collection:

    Subtract a yard from the trail, add some butterfly sleeves and we’re ready to win “The best in national costume”!!!

    That is how to standout! Maki I salute you!

    • @Norman,

      I’m still waiting for a list of potential National costumes..
      I hope you could make a post for that so maybe BPCI would listen. 🙂

    • Thanks for the link Closer. Her answer was spot on. She speaks in a deliberate manner but you can see sincerity in her. She radiates optimism and is indeed bent on making a difference in the transgender community.

      • @Johnny

        No prob,

        She’s a perfect example of someone speaking and aspiring based on one’s experience.
        I’m so happy that she has the balls to voice out her opinions and that’s what makes a winning candidate!
        I wish her the best! 🙂

  3. Are those green contact lenses she’s wearing? Makes her look like she’s from Braziwww!

  4. I saw him on GMA last night.

    Hes very smart. I even thOught the question and answer portionwere rehearsed…. But no… I think he is very witty.

    Ara can definitely learn a thing Or two… Or alot… From him

  5. TRANSPINAY that I’ve seen competing for national titles here in California and Las Vegas are the expected winners and come up as national title holders!!!
    Cause of the ff qualities:
    1. Great communication skills.
    2. Well read regarding social relevance, world issues, politics, including debt of USA,
    Current events.
    3. Great skin color which is morena.
    4. Exotic features.
    5. Strong appeal.
    6. Wit
    If Miss TransNational will push through….
    Expect our TransPinays will be the first to be crowned and will generate more TransNational titles in the future…… 

    • I am speaking out of experience, and the “morena” skin color is a rarity here in Los Angeles and other parts of united states, that’s why tanning salons is a booming business here in United States, Look around Queen_b, even the recent Miss USA 2013 most of the candidates were believers of getting tanned, just to achieve a brownish skin color, not even closed to being a “morena”.
      And I disagree that pinoy/pinay are fair skin, aren’t you aware of skin whitening products like glutathione injectibles and oral pills for skin to lighten up, and the skin clinics that arises all over the Philippines which focuses on skin whitenning, my point here is there are MORE morena Filipinos than being fair, and living here in Los Angeles for the last 23 years, I can attest to you that being MORENA is GREATLY APPRECIATED here in USA, than in the Philippines, the likes of Dr.Vicky Bello and Dr.Manny Calayan were few of the famous Filipino MD’s who made money capitalizing on whitening business, So I really don’t know where you get that info regarding statistics on Fair skinned Filipinos ? And regarding DISCRIMINATION, you’re taking out of context on my blog, but if you’re not happy with my research then prove yourself that I’m discriminating…..
      Need I say more?. Haizzzttt!!!!

  6. I was simply blown away by his Q@A stint. He’s so natural, smart and quick-witted…He’s got everything I am looking for a Bb.!

  7. Wow. She could join Bb Pilipinas and give the natural born females a run of their money. She’s beatiful!

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