15 comments on “A Hibiscus hybrid named Ariella Arida

  1. Such a sweet and scholarly gesture from her Alma Mater. Even from afar, you can see the delight in her face.

  2. I suggest that Ara showcases this new flower specie named after her in some MU events, like the MU Auction? or as her bouquet or hair piece in the the National Costume Contest?

      • If the venue of MU 2013 is USA, It’s not possible US custom prohibits plants and seeds among other thing.

    • She better bring one in a pot just to be sure that it will look fresh during the prelims.

      • How about an Ariella Arida hibiscus dress as a national costume? Doesn’t have to be real hibiscus but could be plastic, painted, or rhinestoned. Just an idea… 🙂

      • @Norman,

        Could you please create a post about Ara’s possible national costume.. As an alternative to the golden Goddess or Muslim princess costume, I was thinking about a fit and tucked Barong Tagalog long sleeves top died in yellow/golds sprinkled with gold sugar beads with intricately woven appliques on the chest/torso made of Pineapple fiber and a black high waist Maria Clara skirt made of black local silk with a zoomed in paintings of the yellow red and pink Hibiscus all around that covers 2/3rd of the skirt. Accented with a beautiful mother of pearl payoneta and a giant black painted Maria Clara fan.

      • @Marcus… You’re hired!!! What a great idea!

      • @Marcus

        I love the whole ensemble, its very classic with a modern twist! I love the idea of the sugar beads. Michael Cinco and Furne One are really good in using tiny details that creates a bigger impact as a whole. I’m sure they know where to put the sugaring to maybe emphasize the neck up, show off the decolletage or even alter the silhouette. Maybe we could add a veil on the payoneta to make it look more Hispanic or maybe a Chinese collar barong died red then add some gold sugaring for a more oriental flavor. I suggest that the Hibiscus painting be made by a world renowned Filipino artist. And last but not the least, how about a golden fan to add a bit of Singkil? For me, any combination would look good. 🙂

  3. Ara deserves it after a cold reception she got from Alaminos, Laguna.

  4. What an honor. What a complement. Congratulations Ara!

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