14 comments on “Catharina Choi Nunes: she could’ve been South Korea’s first mixed-race winner

  1. Norman, what´s wrong with the MKO ( Miss KOREA Org. ) ?!!?

    Even by Korean standards Miss Yoo Ye-Bin isn´t considered attractive – to put it midly!
    She´s by far the least attractive Miss KOREA of the new millenium. The flight stewardesses
    of Korean Air and Asiana airlines are far more gorgeous compared to the mediocre beauty
    of Miss Yoo!

    My mind boggles as to how she could be the best beauty queen the Land of the Morning
    Calm has to offer! I can only conclude that her wealthy family ´bought´ the title for her!
    I just can´t see Ye-Bin gettting modeling jobs or endorsement offers or even Korean
    movie roles during her reign.

    Btw, Norman, you mentioned about a US-Korean contestant who got a runner-up placement.
    Any pics or interesting info about her?

    • Koreans are very nationalistic so they still have reservations about mixed-race contestants. True, their winner leaves much to be desired, but the country isn’t the cosmetic surgery of the world for nothing.

      As for the Korean-American contestant, she is still a full-blooded Korean who grew up in the US. Let me check on her. 😉

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  3. She could have been a refreshing change from the usual Korean prototype.

    The winner, beautiful as she is, could be mistaken for former Korean beauty queens.

  4. Norman: Catharina, facially, is a real stunner with her beautiful mix of Korean/Brazilian features — but when I saw photos of her in a swimsuit, then I understood why she lost. I hope she competes for the Miss Korea title again as she has the potential to possibly win an international title for her country. But she really needs to do a lot of physical preparation. She has the face. All she needs now is the body to go with it.

  5. Too bad they didn’t take a chance. As cute as Yoo Ye-Bin is, I wonder if she can be transformed into an international caliber candidate. Sending her to Aces and Queens would help. However, this might be the year when MUO goes for cute… I.guess we won’t know until the MU crown is atop of the new MU. Good luck to Korea! They’re one country I’ve always thought should of had at least one Miss Universe by now.o

  6. Hmmmmmm, lagi na lang kimchi.
    Ibang putahe naman, maglaing at daing naman.
    Parang iisa lang nag hulmahan ng mga feslak ng amiga ni Psy.
    Last 2007, Honey Lee surprised the world of pageantry with her latinized moved and 360* overhauled look.
    But what happened during the 2008-2012, they let go of the momentum.
    Honey Lee and Kurara Chibana are my most favorites asian beauties together with Inday Shamcey.

    Closer2Death,69, Epalera Street, Tutuban!

  7. Catharina is gorgeous. She should’ve won. What a missed opportunity for Korea! 😦

  8. Sayang ang ganda pa naman niya. Ginto na naging bato pa!, tsk tsk so korea wilo clap harder again

  9. Pretty…. Looks like Hannah Ruth Sison

    But Hannah Ruth Sison for me is prettier 🙂

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