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  1. @Norman

    I know that this is quite out of topic from your usual pageant stuff..
    May I request for you to create a post about Senator Miriam’s recent comment about “My Husband’s Lover” being portrayed by Piolo and Sam? I’d love to see the opinions of your followers. hahaha

    And I also wanna tackle the story line of this soap opera being too serious?…
    As in it almost completely lack the comic relief of being gay.. I know Danny, Eric’s best friend is that character but Kevin Santos portrayal completely lacks authenticity.. I mean, can’t any of the gay lovers be funny and yet masculine at the same time?.. How come they don’t have any playful banter and sarcasm of a normal heterosexual relationship… Where are the fun “Kilig” moments that establishes why they enjoy being with each other… Where are the implied racy double entendres that doesn’t have to be green or of bad taste.. I wish they would hire better script writers who could be writing based on their own experience as a more masculine but openly gay man.

    I’m looking forward to your post. Thank You! 🙂


    It seems like token gay BFF-to-the-bida-or-kontrabida characters, who toss scarves over their necks and make unwanted advances at straight men, are the only queer characters I see on TV in the Philippines. I don’t remember ever having seen a positive portrayal of an LGBT character; I can really only think of maybe one instance. It’d be nice to see a multi-dimensional queer celebrity or character in the media.

    Sa LAHAT ng mga TEENAGER na nagbabasa ng BLOG na ito:


    Sana mabasa din ito ni Ara..
    I hope she would be asked a question related to this one…
    Ano kaya isasagot nya bilang myembro ng Iglesia ni Kristo and bilang Pilipino?
    I can’t wait for Miss Universe 2013, Russia!!!

    Thanks Norman, your an inspiration! 🙂

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  5. I wish this Soap opera a huge success. This theme is not new here in the US and Canada. There are so many shows with gay characters. I think the reason why this may fail is because it is shown in a Catholic conservative country like the Philippines. If this soap will be find out by Canadians and Americans, it will be a huge hit. Examples are “Forbidden Love” from Germany and “les Bleus” from France. It became a hit because they had gay couples.

    What I could do is to post this on the gay website http://www.thebacklot.com and once they grabbed the attention I am sure this soap will be a huge hit, maybe not in the Philippines but in an international level.

  6. Let the minority of this society speaks thru this soap. Being a good follower of the so called norms doesn’t make you more beneficial nor gave you the right to make them feel less. Everyone deserves attention, not for an awe nor judgement but because they too have flesh just like you. Love is defined uniquely for each and everyone of us and for those who just follow the pattern ended up in an unresolved puzzle. Norms leads to a defensive and offensive way of life but then no winner to declare in the end…..
    What i am trying to say is…. napakaganda ng pilot episode ng show. Casting, cinematography, audio, music, plot… etc… watch w/o bitterness in your heart and you’ll get what i mean…
    Peace and grace everyone!

  7. kahit saang anggulo ko tignan wala akong makitang tama sa show na to . una yung pagtataksil sa asawa ay hindi magandang halimbawa para sa mga manood na menor de edad tulad ko . pangalawa ay karamihan ng pilipino ay katoliko .. sa pagkakaalam ko ay hindi dapat magkarelasyon ang dalawang tao na may iisang kasarian ayon sa DIYOS .

    This show isn’t good for teenagers. Sorryy 😦 :))PEACE !

    sana walang negative comments sakin .. nakasulat sa taas care to share your thoughts so eto thoughts ko hehe =)) peacefriends !

    • LOL@ “pagtataksil sa Asawa”.. Halos lahat ng teleserye me ganung topic.. this time naiba lang ng konti dahil parehas silang lalaki.. hahaha

      • i agree with u closer2fame…halos lahat ng shows may ganong nangyayari na pagtataksil..naiba lng kc siguro first time sa pinas ang ganitong tema ng palabas..sino niloko mo “loltroll” ikaw rin nagsabi minor ka kaya dapat ndi mo pinapanood.kaya nga nilagay nila sa mejo late na timeslot kc for the young na dapat tulog na that time…haist

    • bakit ano ba yang mga pare ng simbahan na yan diba masmakasalan pa sila sa mga makasalanan halos lahat ng pare sa mundo 80% bakla…nanghaharas ng mga batang lalake…tapos hilig makialam sa politika…idilat mo nga yang kaisipan mo it was a film to watch…bago ka mag comment!

    • Halata namang Hater ka Kung Sino kaman Eh di Wag kang Manood
      eh bakit yung Kay Vice Ganda may Maganda bang Naidudulot sa mga Bata?

  8. It’s 2013… These kind of relationships happens all the time.

    I am glad GMA approved this Teleserye because it will change the Filipinos perspective about homosexuals… Because Filipinos in the Philippines all gay men are effeminate and girly, like Vice Ganda…. Which is COMPLETELY FALSE.

    There are more MASCULINE gay men that there are effeminate. It’s just more and more masculine gay men are coming out nowadays because homosexuality is more accepted now than it was 10 or 20 years ago.

    • Correction …..

      “Because Filipinos in the Philippines THINKS all gay men are effeminate and girly, like Vice Ganda”

    • Agree. Here in Canada, there are alot, and I mean A LOT of masculine gay men – with ripped biceps and 8 packs and tattoos.

      I agree with some posters that the concept of being gay in the Philippines are effeminate – like Vice Ganda, Ogie Diaz, John Lapuz, etc., and cross dressers – like Bebe Gandanghari.

      I hope this soap will be a huge success, this will click in North America but I’m not sure in a strict Catholic, conservative country like the Philippines. Hoepfully, it does change the minds of filipinos about homosexuality – and I do hope that the gay couple will end up together and not the usual man and woman end up together and the gay man suffers.

      I will post this to a gay website http://www.backlot.com and report this, hopefully it will noticed here in Canada, and it might get the viewers it deserves

  9. This gay drama “My Husband’s Lover” is obscene specially to the kids that might watch it. Eventhough the concept is quite peculiar, but I don’t think that this would capture the heart of a nation. GMA’s telebabad is always failing in the Nationwide Rating’s game. Nationwide (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao) is very important to gain more viewership, support and specially advertisers. Also the GMA Films, I don’t think they could surpass the grossed of Star Cinema and ViVa which was more than 300 Million. At the moment, they are hardly enough to reach 100 million in gross. Sorry for the harsh words, but the truth hurts.

    • This might not get viewers in the Philippines, but once this gets attention from the US and Canada, this soap will be known worldwide.

      Good example is the German Soap, “Forbidden Love”, it wasn’t known around the world though it is well known in Germany. But when they added gay couple Christian and Olli, it became a hit worldwide and the 2 characters are mroe popular than the rest of the cast.

      What I will do is post this soap to the gay website http://www.thebacklot.com, once every gay man hears about this, I am sure this soap will be popular worldwide

    • Huge olarte it captured my attention and mind you I am a wife with One son. Sana maging open minded tayong mga pinoy sa mga ganitong tema kc eto talaga ang ngyayari sa kasalukuyan. This kind of teleserye educate us the viewers kung ano ba talaga ang ngyayari sa ating mga anak at papano natin sila ma22lungan in case gnito ang kasapitan nila. Wag tayong maging ignorante sa kung ano ang aktuwal na pangyayari sa lipunan na ginagalawan natin ngayon.

  10. this teleseries showcasing the the hidden truth in our society…..and probably ends up the stereotype thinking of our fellow Filipinos when in comes to same sex love…..

  11. Maraming maasiwa sa teleserye na ito. Mga di kabilang sa mga 3rd sex at mga makalumang tao lol. So, goodluck GMA

  12. What a horrible “WISHFUL THINKING” its to have such a scene, its too gross……so shame on Queen B, so SHAME!!!!!

  13. it seems the Philippine Television is testing the waters how filipinos embrace the idea of not just stereotyping relationships but being open as well.. damn, i’ll support this..

  14. Its quite similar to the movie El Sexo de los Angeles, so unusual type of series Kuya Normz!

  15. Mas okay sana ang teleseryeng ito kung sa kalagitnaan ay ipapasok ang character ni Charice Pempengco este Charlie Pempengco.
    Sya naman ang magiging lover ni Carla Abellana.

    • You’re welcome, Suzi! It’s an honor to be visited by the show’s creator. My support to the show is 100% 😉

  16. Kaya pala mawawala na c tom sa be careful wid my heart.. Sabagay nkakatulong dn yun sa pag angat kunti sa name nya

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