19 comments on “Casting for Miss Venezuela is serious business

  1. bud? are you gonna have the same voting for Miss Universe like what you did for BB Philippines gold? Hope you do, twas fun !

  2. Bud? You’re right Miss Venezuela is a serious business. As Miss Philippines is serious as well. Just look at the recent pic of Ara, please show the pic bud and you will be awed. What say you bud?

    • Better but still missing something … Ideally wish I could like this girl but she has a very boring personality and not sophisticated enough

      • @queen_b

        Right. Boring and unsophisticated! TRUE THAT! ja ja ja ja ja!!!

  3. Venezuela is a nation with the world’s highest ratio of beauty queens per capita. It can also be considered the world’s vainest. A survey conducted a few years ago by Roper Starch, a consulting company, found that 65% of women and 47% of men owned up to worrying about their looks “all the time”. This is very evident in the per capita cosmetics consumption by Venezuelans—USD390 in 2012 per Euromonitor—still the world’s highest. According to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Venezuelans rank 8th in the world in terms of per capita aesthetics surgical procedures, equaling the per capita record of the USA, a much richer country. This obsession with beauty is the secret behind Venezuela’s many triumphs in international beauty contests. No wonder it gave rise to “beauty factories” churning out manufactured beauty contestants every year.

  4. Nakapanood ako dati ng Ms. Venezuela pageant sa Starworld ( I dont remember the year.), parang 20+ yung candidates at wala kang itatapon.parang kahit sino manalo ok lang. Ganun At 22 & 23 inches lang ang lahat ng waistline ng mga candidates. Ganun katindi yung line-up!

  5. They look too fierce… Tranny glamazonas! I doubt they have as much plastic surgery as some claim but their look is so old fashioned.
    Not fresh but one thing you can say is no master who they send the girl always has PERSONALITY.
    Can’t say the same about our reps

  6. The lady in the fourth quadrant of the first picture is a charmer.

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