14 comments on “Remember Suzette Hernandez?

  1. Kaya naman Mutya, walang dahilan para ma-homesick ka sa Minsk.
    Para lang Miss Tondo yan, puro pinay rin ang kalaban mo.

  2. As Suzette’s close friend, the competition is not about Suzette VS Mutya, but about Mutya and Suzette VS the other countries. I hope that people begin to see that. But thank you for posting this.

  3. Warning: This is just a joke.

    Suzette is a name calling used by gays to describe a lady with small t**s (s**o in Filipino). šŸ™‚

  4. I’m very happy that two Filipinas are in… But I must say that I do not think Suzette will a competition against Mutya.

    Mutya has that innocence and I like her swag when she walks. So I gotta give it to her

  5. In addition to Suzette, Norway’s delegate to Supranational Marie Molo Peter is part Filipina and an alumna of BB Pilipinas 2012. So there’ll be two other Filipinas with whom Mutya can instantly hang out when she gets to Minsk. šŸ™‚

      • @closer

        TOP SECRET

        Starting some 25 years ago the government devised a secret plan for world pageant domination by sending many of its citizens to work, marry, and have kids abroad. Their female offsprings now grown have now penetrated beauty pageants across the globe: Canada, Norway, Gabon…, heaven knows where else…. and these girls are like secret sleeper agents, ready to fill out pageant application forms at the right time, at the right place, to accomplish their mission of world pageant domination!!!


      • @ Vendetta 711

        Yes, a little bird told me our mixed race minions are on a down low but spreading like wildfire from Victoria secret up to Rupaul’s drag race… The battle has just begun!

  6. While I think our Mutya is head and shoulders above Suzette, I won’t second guess the judging esp. after last year’s placement of Thailand. Not slamming her, I just didn’t understand her placement.

  7. This is good new for the country and Mutya as well.

    As as Kuya Norms had said she won’t hold a candle against Mutya.

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