20 comments on “Will Katrina get our birthday wish for her?

  1. My Suggestion:
    Join Miss World Philippines 2014.
    If Kat D has a dual citizenship….
    Join Miss California 2014, if she wins then
    Join Miss USA 2014…. then there you go folks she will be in Miss Universe 2014 stage!
    Just a suggestion….. 

  2. BPCI should get rid of that BB. Pilipinas tourism title. in fact, they should just crown one winner for Miss Universe then elect the 4 runner ups to minor pageants.

    Because she won a title, Katrina cannot compete anymore. And since this Miss TQI is unstable (and I think this pageant is cancelled for good since their website is not updated and there is still no word on when the pageant will be held this year), I think even Cindy won’t be able to compete internationally as well – and she will be wasted too.

  3. Can we just send this girl instead of Ara to Ms. U? She would be a shoe in top 5!

  4. Katrina would’ve made an excellent candidate for Miss Universe. She’s young (20), tall (5’9″), exotically beautiful morena with an excellent degree of fluency in English fit for an international competition and hot seat interviews. She has a confident and assertive personality and a very talented singer. She is not shy nor is she a shrinking violet and is unafraid to speak her mind and opinion and looks directly at your eyes when she talks to you. She is very independent, open-minded and has a liberal and universal outlook on the world and social issues. The look, the personality, the communication skills, the attitude are all a perfect fit for MU.

    She has also had more than a year of training and media exposure under the helm of the BPCI. Unfortunately since the BPCI awarded her that “Tourism” title, she’s not eligible to compete in BB Pilipinas pageant again.

    She deserves to wear the Philippine sash in a major international pageant. At this point, MISS WORLD PHILIPPINES would be the most logical choice for her, if not this year, then next year, in 2014 when she would have just turned 21. But the Miss Universe Philippines sash would have been perfect for Katrina. What a missed opportunity.

  5. Katrina shouldn’t be wasted. Hers is the type of beauty that would make a splash in the global arena. Svelte and Smoldering.appeal. Smart & Sexy. Scintillating too.

    She should be representing us in a Grand Slam pageant but if that is wishful thinking, perhaps in a 2nd tier pageant but definitely a big No No to those fly- by- night pageants

  6. i thought she’s representing us in the Miss United InterContinent Pageant?

  7. After her sex scandal with Hayden Kho, I don’t think Kathrina will have a chance to represent us abroad.
    That was a shame.
    Good for her that someone’s ready to take her seriously,in the name of Kris Lawrence.
    Those careless whispers are nightmares in disguise.

    Kathrina Halili,69, biktima daw street, Kalandian Road, Philippines.

    • Wrong Katrina Basil. This Katrina is a very nice young lady inside out, intelligent, smart, talented and stunningly beautiful. She’s now back here in California with her loving and supportive family. I myself is hoping that she’ll be given a chance to compete in one of the prestigious beauty pageant abroad. I think she’ll do well abroad relresenting our country. She more than deserve this opportunity. Calling Madame Stella Areneta. Please don’t abandon this young. She has the all potential of winning an international beauty crown for our country.

    • @Basil

      I hope you apologize for giving the wrong information about Katrina who’s the topic of this blog post.

      • Yu @closer2death, isa kang epalerang tangang hipokritang bakla.
        Sarap mong ingudngod sa seawall at puluputan ng barb wire ang leeg.
        So you can realize na hindi dapat ginagawang hobby ang pag-uumepal.

      • @Basil

        Go ahead, you obviously have nothing else better to do aside from hating on other people. LOL
        May I suggest that you work at a laundromat since your very talented at airing other people’s dirty laundry. 🙂

    • @Basil

      Is this what you call a “humorous” comment?
      Guess what?!
      I also have an opinion just like you. 🙂
      Seeing that you find other people’s misery amusing is what makes me laugh… at you. LOL 🙂

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