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  1. Cindy’s victory was not celebrated right after she won. In fact, the Municipality of Rizal, Nueva Ecija celebrated it’s centennial last April 27,2013 and Cindy’s crown was the greatest gift for the town of Rizal for it’s centenary. She was not able to do her homecoming during the town’s centennial celebration last April because of her hectic schedule. Bb. Tourism is also a major title in Bb. Pilipinas. There’s only one runner-up and that’s Ms. Pia Wurtzbach this is why she has no crown and the rest has her own crown. The people of Rizal are very proud of Miss. Cindy Miranda and to show their appreciation and recognition, they treated her like a real queen during her homecoming.

    • That’s what we did in Bohol too when Anna Maris Igpit brought home the 2006 Bb World crown. She was treated like royalty not only during her reign but until now.

      I can still remember the collective groans among Boholanos when she didn’t make the cut in Miss World 2006. What made it more heartbreaking was being maligned and ganged up by vicious critics as the one who broke our successive Miss World placement streak (2002- 2005)

  2. I fear Cindy will be wasted just like Katrina. Miss TQI seems to be cancelled for good as the website is not updated and there is no news if the pageant will be held again. And since Cindy won a Bb. Pilipinas title, she cannot compete anymore.

    BPCI should just crown 1 winner to Miss Universe then the 4 runner ups can be elected to minor pageants.

  3. Thank you Rizal, Nueva Ecija for giving Cindy the home coming she deserves. 😀

    I feel so sorry for Ara Arida and very disappointed with the local government of Alaminos Laguna. 😦

  4. Ms.Tourism still a beauty title, proud yung mga kababayan niya kaya may parade, huli man daw at least nahabol pa rin. At pinaghandaan ng mga kabayan niya ang karosa niya!

    • Last April 27, 2013 nag-celebrate po ng centennial ang town of Rizal, in Nueva Ecija and too bad Cindy was not able to make it due to her very hectic schedule. Her crown was the greatest gift for the town’s centenary. The people of Rizal are very proud of her for winning one of the major titles as well as two of the special awards in Bb. Pilipinas. The great appreciation and recognition for her victory was clearly evident on her float. The people of Rizal should be given credit for treating her like a real queen during her homecoming yesterday (June 7, 2013).

  5. I don’t want to make a comparison…just my thought. Cindy Miranda is well-loved by her town folks. May she live up to the great expectation of everyone. Just remember that even the unstoppable must stop for a while to pray and ask for divine guidance.

  6. This is how to treat a real Queen not like the homecoming of Ara Arida in Alaminos, Laguna.

  7. this is how a triumphant Binibini should be feted and welcomed home

  8. Diusmio Barbaridad Perez Y dela Bamba Kiatchao.
    Noong Abril pa ginanap ang Binibini ,Hunyo na mga Inday.
    May homecoming pang nalalaman ang mga hitad e Tourism lang naman ang title.
    Pag ako nag-runner sa sasalihan kong Mutya ng Karambola, at walang naganap na float parade,dadanak ang dugo at magwawakas ang buhay ng mga bakla sa Barangay namin.
    Wag nyo kong subukan!

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