15 comments on “Riza Santos: the crown is hers

  1. I hope both Ara and Riza will make it to the Final 5. I do prefer Ara to win because she is representing our country but there’s no hard feelings if Riza gets the crown. Let’s all unite and give them our full support.

  2. Bubbly,pretty,youthful and witty.
    What else can we ask for?
    Give her the crown ,Karakaraka!

    I have a strong hunch that everything that happened during the Miss Universe canda coronation is an orchestrated mistake, to catch the attention of the International media.
    They org is successful to achieved that goal.
    But they can’t fool me, they can’t fool Basil, the Laing and Daing Queen.

  3. Riza’s one advantage over Ara: Riza will be using her native tongue which she’ll speak spontaneously and confidently. Ara, on the other hand, will bear the burden of using English as a second language. And based on Ara’s interview with Boy Abunda, Ara’s English skills have a lot of catching up to do. 😦

    • True that! Ara’s “interview” with Boy Abunda really showed the depth (or lack thereof) of Ara’s communication skills. But at least she made up for it by making all those wierd facial expressions! And that parting shot about Dan Brown was a classic! ja ja ja ja ja!!!!

  4. I think she had her nose done. She’s prettier now compared to her PBB and Ms Earth stint 🙂 She may have the personality that Ara lacks but body wise, Ara is the grandslam winner 😛

  5. Compared to how Riza looked like when she competed in Miss Earth a few years ago, it seems her face has had a major overhaul. Snip, snip! 🙂

    • Parang may chance pa c Riza manalo ng Miss U kaysa k Ara. opinion lng po.

      • I hate to agree with this statement… But I totally do.

        If Ara & Riza both landed in top 15, I think Riza will overshadow Ara…Riza already have those little things Ara lacks… Personality & youth. Please she’s a much better public speaker.

        I do want Ara to win, because she is representing Philippines… But we all have to be realistic, Riza kinda has that “it” factor Ara doesn’t have.

      • I think Riza and Ara both deserve the top 16 spot.

        Though Riza has the experience, it is not a guarantee that she will win let alone make the top 16. Former Miss Earth delegates don’t do well in Miss Universe (unlike in Miss World and Miss International). And lately even former Miss World contestants as well ( I think Trump notices the trend and thinks he doesn’t want his pageant to become a dumping ground for losing contestants.

        But either way, good luck to both of them and hopefully another filipina will be crowned Miss Universe.

      • Completely disagree…

        Swim wear and evening gown rounds, I think Ara can totally give Riza a run for her money. Ara’s already great now… with Gaffud’s transformation, I bet she’d be even better come the actual pageant. Now once both of them reach the top 5… then I think it’s a game of luck for Ara :-/

      • @Mokwet

        I really hope you’re right! I know Gaffud and his team are amazing at what they do.

        I really hope that Ara get’s a Janine like transformation…. But for me, what sets Janine & Ara apart is their facial features…….. They both have a very Filipina look…. But Ara has that look that’s “in the middle” … Like with the proper make up, she can either look Asian or Latina.

        But if you line up Ara with European & Latinas, I don’t think she will stand out because of her “subtle” look. Janine on the other hand definitely stands out because she has a strong “morena” and “exotic” look.

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