15 comments on “Marilyn Ramos: what’s in a Miss South Africa name?

  1. Marilyn is 5’9. She’s taller than Melinda Bam. I don’t know what accounted to that error. An I think she’s a bomb. A ticking time bomb at that. Highly unique. Highly likeable. An attribute that most South African representatives possess. X-factor so to speak.

  2. I think she would do well in Miss World but not in Miss Universe.

    Sorry to say this but she is a downgrade from Melinda Bam – who I think is the sexiest woman alive for 2012.

  3. Norms, In MU13WIKIpedia, She is 5’9 definitely a big pussy mama! not a petite 5’5 3/4″.

      • if she wins Miss U she still gets to compete in MW and a chance to win again ?

      • DAAANG ! That’s what I call recycle beauties to the nth level. Do you know if this has been a practice of some nations for a while or just recent ?

      • I can only think of Miss World 2001 Agbani Darego.

        She was also a semi-finalist in the Miss Universe held in Puerto Rico (won by hometown girl Denise Quinones) on the same year.

      • In South Africa, the winner takes it all! She has an option to complete on both international competitions or she can choose the 1 she likes, then the 1st runner-up automatical becomes the representative of the country to the other competition! In Melinda Bam’s case she opted for Miss Universe then Moodley 1st runner up competed in Miss World.

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