18 comments on “Yityish Titi Aynaw: what’s in a Miss Israel name?

  1. Any news on when the local Miss World pageant will start? Paging Cory Quirino yoo-hoo?

    • If the finals will be held August 4 (as per Miss World website), MWP will most likely commence late this month or early July.

  2. Agbani Darego with a way hotter bod. Agbani is facially superior though, I think.

  3. Had the Miss World pageant been held in the Philippines this year, she’ll be a HIT with that name. They’ll exclaim “Oh, who’s that Titi girl?”

  4. Okay, all together now: TI-TI! TI-TI! TI-TI! TI-TI! TI-TI! TI-TI! TI-TI! …! 🙂

      • OOOOH yea , like Titi so much bro, look at that firm tight bod and the way the head is wrapped so delicately just make me wanna dance to the tune of “my hips don’t lie”. 🙂

      • @Casper & Chrome

        Again, you guys have something in common! hahaha I’m sure Uranus would love her too! 😀

      • and Titi would love to meet Uranus as well, C2F and I just hope Uranus would welcome Titi with open arms and legs. 🙂

  5. Her face needs a little work but her body is dynamite. And, her life story is enough for her to stand out in a sea of beautiful women. Only Janicel Lubina and Katrina Dimaranan could compete with this girl. We can’t let Julia Morley simply hand her the crown, we have to fight for it. Paging Miss Cory Quirino, please wake up!

  6. Miss Israel is the one to beat! Katrina Dimaranan better work her ass off!

  7. Titi will rule the world.
    Titi is my favorite.
    For sure,Titi will explode during the competition.
    Titi is the bomb.
    Titi is hot.
    i want Titi,.
    Titi just made my day.

  8. Thank you Norms for featuring Yityish!
    Hello….. Miss Cory Q. Please wake up where’s our Miss World Philippines?

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