5 comments on “German-Filipina Anna Maria Damm has Binibini potentials

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  2. Too mestiza looking…. I prefer sending our brown exotic looking beauties than these pale skinned half-breeds. It’s only in the Philippines that they are considered “hot”… But internationally, their look is boring. Sorry, just my thought.

  3. She has a strong semblance with Kimberly Leggett, maybe because of the almost cartoon-ish chin. She’s beautiful, but I’m afraid her looks leans more towards being German than Filipino.

    • Gosh so much intolerance here…. Aren’t we supposed to be a diverse culture ? At least that’s what we like to believe but honestly Filipinos are not as diverse or open minded sad to say.
      She is beautiful and only 16. If she chooses to even compete, she could win wherever .

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