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  1. Hi Norms. I think gold as a choice is a little tricky, and it treads a thin line between being absolutely majestic looking altogether gawdy and tasteless. These, I’m afraid, look quite tacky and neither am I a fan of long sleeves on gowns – but it’s just my opinion.

    For me, this is still the gown (or something similar to this) for Ariella:


    • Indeed. Gold has the tendency to border on the tacky. So choosing the right gown is of prime importance.

      • @Norms: Thanks for the reply. Hopefully Ara’s trainers take our suggestions into consideration. TBQH, Ara was never on my radar prior to her winning. After getting to know more about her however (in no small part through your blog articles), I have come to appreciate her and recognize her enormous potential. I think she will have a lot of time still to prepare, as it looks like the MU2013 Pageant will probably be held again in Winter (FYI: I noticed some of the national pageants being held as far as September, e.g. Romania and Brazil).

        BTW: are you planning to write an article on her “Ikaw Na” interview?

    • @Grounder

      Of course, for the evening gown of Ariella, I still prefer that gold gown by Michael Cinco. Aside from visually enhancing the hourglass figure, It’s also a gown that leads your eyes to the face which for me is Ariella’s best asset.
      I saw this picture from Michael Cinco’s fashion show where the same gown is worn by a different model:

      It doesn’t look as amazing as the edited picture with Ariella’s face on it. In my opinion, the whole ensemble can only be pulled-off with a proportioned bone structure, a classic hairstyle and a beautiful face. I guess if we want to find out the best gown for her then she really has to do a fitting of the best gowns from the best Filipino designers.

      • I see what you mean. The fabric is thin and transparent and may have to be modified in that respect. The bottom part looks somewhat unfinished as well. With the material being thin, Ara would really have to make sure her body is in tip-top shape as it will not be forgiving of any flaws or unsightly curves in the wrong places.

        What I like about it though is that it actually is more yellow than gold. The gold detailing on the shoulders and upper chest area is by no means subtle, but is also not overtly loud and gaudy. You’re right though, in that apart from the dress being very fashion forward, it does seem to highlight and lead up to the face, which I agree is Ara’s best feature. That is why I recommended dangling but shorter earrings for Ara, because I wanted it to simply frame and direct the focus on her beautiful face. A few things I would tweak with that dress would be the following:

        (1) change the neckline to a cheongsam-style Chinese collar – to show a hint of Ara’s neck, and give a hint of Asian flavor, like in this cheongsam dress:


        (2) change to bottom edging because it looks unfinished. Wide scalloping edges at the bottom, perhaps?

        For her hairstyle, I am partial to the hairstyles she wore at her interviews at the Buzz with Charlene G, and the one at the Bottomline. Definitely not straight hair!

        What do you guys think?

      • @Grounders

        For Ara, I am torn between your Chinese collar that would show her long neck or baring her whole decolletage area to showoff her cleavage and collarbone. Another option is to maybe do both which is a peekaboo cutout or a translucent fabric for the upper chest area which is reminiscent of China’s gowns for MU and MW. I’m not sure what would look good on her unless she does a fitting or else there would be a risk of bad taste. I also love the color combination of gold and yellow which would definitely be a standout. I have no qualms about her fitting the gown in the right places because by then John Cuay already whipped her into tip-top shape. The thin ramp model who wore the gown at PFW doesn’t have the shape of a pageant girl which made the bottom look unfinished. I would love Michael Cinco to recreate a version of the dress with Ara’s measurements. The perfect gown would be a version that celebrates her femininity.

        For the hair, my peg for Ara is Pauleen Luna’s big wavy hair during the recent PFW Dickies underwear fashion show: http://imageshack.us/a/img542/5603/ent12newg.jpg Now, that’s what I call a beautiful pageant hair! I would love your perfectly sized ruby earrings peaking from those gorgeous locks while she does her own version of pasarela ( Peg: Venus’ floating glide, Shamcey’s swaying hips and Janine’s iconic body then head pivot turn finished with an artistic hand gesture.)

        I’m sure the trainers of other countries as of now, are already applying these ideas we shared on this blog to their Beauty Queens and I’m afraid that our own candidate would be left out. There is one last thing that they couldn’t copy which is the talent of our Filipino artists like Michael Cinco. Another reason why he should dress up our candidate for the Miss Universe!

      • @Grounders

        I hope Ara would read these! She may be trying to avoid reading comments to prevent any negative thoughts that could distract her but there are more positive and constructive criticism that would be very beneficial for her if followed religiously. As for her trainers, I hope they read these everyday. I’m sure Norman is very helpful in relaying any important information to them. Right sir Norms?! 🙂

  2. Ang galing mo talaga C2F!… yun din naisip ko eh… totoo nga, “great minds think alike”. hahaha Sana mabasa din ni Mama Jonas ang mga comments mo… Siya nalang ang tanging pagasa natin para madulog ang ating mga hinaing.. At pag ito nga ay natupad, napakalaking tulong ito sa mga candidata natin.. Ganun naman talaga dapat, bago pa isalang sa entablado, dapat napag isipan na lahat ultimo yung mga maliliit na detalye. Nakakatuwa naman ang blog na ito.. sana me mga researcher ang mga pageant organizers at mabasa ito!

    • Thanks bro! it’s the product of years of repressed talent and creativity. hahaha 🙂

  3. At this point, any dress by any Filipino designer will do instead of ANY Barraza gown.

  4. Parang ang heavy ng gown for the “Ariba” walalk. A gown similar to Ireland’s gown in MU2010 best fits Ara (I think). Shamcey and Queenie’s gown looks more of a National Costume material/design. Patang pintado costume ni Maricar Balagtas – Gold version nga lang.

    I really hope all the ward robe – casual, swimsuit, cocktail dress especially the evening gown of Ara are all fabulous 🙂

  5. For me, being Ms. Universe is not just about parading wearing the most expensive and elegant gown. It’s being able to influence and inspire other people. So whatever gown you wear,whether it is from Divisoria, as long as your heart is to serve and you have a strong mind to show to people, then you can be Ms. Universe.”

  6. I think these gowns would suit well for our reps in Miss World. Miss World gowns tend to be creative with a touch of the country’s culture where as in Miss Universe the gowns tend to be more in the trendy side (these gowns would look to costumey) and in Miss Earth the gowns are simple but sophisticated.

    If there was a Designer Dress Award last year I think Philippines’ gown would have won.

    • Yes, Michael Cinco would have won that award for Queenie Rehman’s evening gown at MIss World! 🙂

  7. For Ariella, I love the couture gown worn by Queenie from it’s golden embroidered long sleeves to the intricate pattern of the appliques. Put some butterfly sleeves, a sarong or a bigger headdress on it and it could become a national costume. But, for a pageant evening gown, I would bare the decolletage area to expose her beautiful neck, symmetrical collar bone, and tight cleavage. I would tweak the radiating print of the dress by moving the center of the design pattern to the middle of the waist and belly button which will create a more feminine hour glass figure. And, I would also add a high slit in the middle for the pleasure of the male audience.

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Closer2Fame, you obviously have an inherent eye for design.

      An unrelated question — I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that Queenie was the taller girl, but based on the photograph above, it appears not. Or is Shamcey simply wearing higher heels?

      • Shamcey is half an inch taller…

        Btw, correction:

        I would tweak the radiating print of the dress by moving the center of the design pattern to the middle of the hips.

      • Closer2fame: Another Yes! I’m glad you said something about “tight cleavage” in your original post. Americans love cleavage. PERIOD.

  8. These creations will amaze a lot of people in the MU stage Kuya Normz. How about one for the pre-pageant and the other on the coronation night?

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