21 comments on “Gabriela Kratochvilova: Ceska’s best for 2013

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  2. Short hair makes her look like a white version of Halle Berry (sorta), especially the swimsuit picture.

  3. Norman — Has there ever been a recent Miss Universe titlist who had short hair at the time she won the title? — or is long hair de rigeur? Although occasionally a short haired girl may enter as a semifinalist, the girls with longer tresses usually come out on top. I suppose now, especially with the pageant’s partnership with Chi Farouk Systems, that may be more so than ever.

  4. Her body is so toned it looked mannish. Check out those broad shoulders. She has an edgy look though.

  5. Her vavavoom body will bring her places.
    I like her, just retain the short hair.
    Fed up of many pageant patty girls, it’s time for new recipe.

  6. She looks like Jessica of thailand asias next top model winner with those 3 pics above

  7. I don’t think that’s Gabriela in the last pic. Maybe one of her runners-up?

    • Pete, I think you’re right. That pic looks like it could be Lucie Kovandova, Miss Czech World.

      • Norman, Thaks for the link. The caption on the page says “Cezke Miss World” but Gabriela won the Universe title. Now I’m more confused…

      • Me too! I’m confused….one thing that made me think is how on earth can you grow long hair like that in a short period of time?

      • Okay, the right photo is up now. That’s definitely Gabriela! 🙂

      • This is not Gabriela Kratochvilova. That pictures are pictures of Lucie Kovandova

    • Hi Pete. Pictures in the post are definitly pic of Gabriela, but the last picture (with the long hair) is picture where she was 15 years old.

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