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  1. I think Osmel should send Osmariel Villalobos – Miss Venezuela Earth – to Miss World. I think her chances are bigger in making the top 7 is greater than Irene. If you look at past trends former Miss Earth delegates are doing well in Miss World – Atong de Mach, South Sudan; Bokang Montaje, Miss South Africa; Denise Garrido, Miss Canada – all made the top 15 and even top 7

  2. It won’t matter. Julia already has her heart set on Miss Israel’s first black delegate, Yityish Titi Aynaw. Even President Obama insisted on inviting Titi to an official state dinner during his state visit to Israel last March! Even Obama found Titi irresistble.

    I’m not a big fan of Titi, but there’s always a political angle with Miss World, and Julia just simply adores Titi big time. I’m sure Julia will bend over backwards to accommodate this black beauty, Titi, and crown her Miss World.

    And what about Irene? Well, Irene might as well be yesterday’s fish as far as Julia’s concerned…

    • @Vendetta 711
      I’ve seen some of Miss Israel’s photo,
      She’s Gorgeous!, you’re right vendetta, this lady has what Miss World is looking for…
      Beauty for a cause and purpose, Miss Israel has a “Cinderella” story that Julia notices and made headlines in Israel.
      It’s disappointing that Miss Cory didn’t even started our search for Miss World, it’s like hope against hope scenario,
      I wonder what Miss Cory is waiting for?
      My guess vendetta is as good as yours, Miss Israel will be Miss world ( naunahan mo Lang ako Lol!)

      • @pinay

        I agree. There are so many factors in favor of Miss Israel. And I’m as disappointed as you are with Miss Cory. The selection process for the Philippines’ delegate is way overdue. 😦

    • Miss Israel is like the sequel of Leila Lopes with a less aquiline nose and a slight under-bite. She may lack a few points on facial beauty but yes I am also a huge sucker for the “Cinderella story” and that puts her on my top 10 list for for MU. I can’t wait to see the post about her. 🙂

      • I say Yityish Titi Aynaw Miss U because feel like she has a little chance in winning Miss World since it will be held in Muslim Indonesia. She would have a better chance in Miss Universe. Just checked her pics and profile. With no doubt, she has the body and I find her story reminiscent of our very own Ariella Arida and Katrina Dimaranan.

      • @closer: Thanks for pointing that out. And you’re right. Indonesia being muslim could definitely play against Titi representing the jewish state of Israel. But on the other hand, Indonesians might have a different and less negative view of her because of her ethnicity which is Ethiopian. Indonesian and Ethiopian muslims share a common legacy of belonging to the Shafi’i branch of Islam, which may affect how Titi is percieved in the eyes of the Indonesians even though she’s jewish. Sometimes the mixture of faith, politics, race, and beauty pageants can be a bumpy ride! It will really be interesting to see how all of this will play out. 🙂

  3. With that kind of an answer (in the finals of Miss Universe), she stands no chance to crack the T15. Miss World emphasises more on the interviews almost 70% ie 200 points on interviews then 50 points Beauty with Purpose and 20 points on other awards,(this is based on the scored showed in Miss World 2011 site)

    • If Irene competes in Miss World, I’m sure Osmel will insist that she use an interpreter. 🙂

      • @Vendetta
        I concur!!!
        Now I’m sooo much interested and intrigue with Miss Israel World, she got this appeal that wants you to know more about her!!!
        As what I’ve said before she does have a “Cinderella”story which all of us loves!
        Love it Vendetta, you woke up my interest on Miss Israel!!!
        Norms….. Can you feature Miss World Israel…. Pahleasseeee?

  4. I would love to see Irene compete again. Not the typical latina glamazon prototype who is all about being fierce. Instead, hers is a naturally beautiful face and curves at the right places. She’s all woman.

    • @johnny

      You’re right. Irene’s face is very beautiful. But she’s had cosmetic surgery done to her face (excellent work by the way), so although it may look natural, it really isn’t.

  5. I want a positive possibility.
    Because in positivity,we learn to appreciate the beauty of everyone.
    In appreciatitng,we learn to love.
    In loving,we learn to forgive.
    When we forgive,we learn to give.
    And in giving, we spread world peace.
    I thank U!

    Irene Esser, 69, Surfing law Street, Valenzuela!

  6. I love IRENE so if she gets sent- I will support the girl all the way. But I believe the current state of the relationship between MW and MV will work against her….

  7. If Irene pushes through to compete in Indonesia this September, I’m not gonna be surprised that there would be future backlash for future Miss Universe Venezuela reps, if you break a “contract” then expect repercussions will follow.
    Will Irene resign first as MU2012 2nd RU?
    Keep us posted Norms.

    • Second-runner-up lang,magreresign pa?
      Hindi ba pwedeng moonlighting na lang?
      As if naman na pagna-delubyo at kinain ng tornado itong si Olivia Culto ay si Irene Esseng-ng-Tondo ang papalit.
      Ang 1st-runner-up ang hahalili,at yan ay ang kumare kong salawahan na si Janine Tugontong.
      Maraming mga plano at panukala ang hindi natutuloy,dahil sa malahawak na imahinasyon ng mga hitad na bakla.
      Kumbaga ay “hamog pa lang,ang ipinamalita na ay lampas-tao na ang baha”.
      Hindi ba pwedeng lampas-itlog lang ni papa.
      Mga bakla,wag exaherada,at baka itarak ko ang punyal ko sa mga itlog nyo.

      Janice de Belen,69, Nawawalang-Leeg Street, Babuyan Islands!

      • You’re definitely Right ate Basil…
        Curious Lang ako te Kung magreresign at stipulated sa contract Ni Irene? Hope I didn’t offended you.

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