8 comments on “Denise Garrido: “It was shattering”

  1. the same scenario happened in the Hiyas ng Siliangan- Pilipinas 1983 pageant.

    After the proclamation, coronation and obligatory photo opp of the winners with the judges, it was discovered that the results were read in reverse order meaning the crowned winner was actually in fifth place and the proclaimed 4th runner up was the winner


    She is one of the most geniune and sincere girl in the pageant world. She was well loved by the MEO when she competed in the ME pageant and actually returned to the Philippines to pursue different projects and help the MEO. She also did well in the MW…. I love Riza and Denise… and what just happened is not fair to both of them

    DENISE should bring this organization to court…. this is not fair

    • Denise just mentioned in an interview that it’s possible she’ll be one of the judges in next year’s pageant, so it appears she’s still on good terms with the organizers…

      • Casper: So Denise wants to be one of the judges in next year’s pageant? The same pageant that just pulled the rug from under her? Seems like Denise recovered quickly from this shattering experience — perhaps too quickly.

  3. This is both a national and global embarrassment,if I may say so.And so if it’s possible for me to give the organizer a day in the court,I sure will.

  4. This is a bitter pill to swallow.

    I think it would be better if they just strip her of the crown but let her have the winners prize.

  5. If I were Denise, I would’nt give up the title, the crown, the sash, the bouquet of flowers and even the prizes.
    After all, it’s not her fault being crowned.
    It’s like giving a chocolate lollipop to a 3-y/o girl, then taking it back,just beacuse her grandma mistakenly picked a brownish cock instead of a lollipop.
    Poor kid, victim of a grandma suffering from a cataract.

    Though Denise won in her country turf, t’was justifiable.
    She’s bubbly and sexy during the swimsuit round, and so elegantly feisty in the evening gown competition, and so witty in the interview round.
    Many were shouting that Evelina was robbed bigtime.
    But I think that Denise Quinones of Puerto Rico is the rightful winner over Evelina of Greece.
    She should’nt be dethroned, after all it was 2001 and it’s 2013 now.
    Common guys, let’s move on.

    Denise Quinones, 69, Puerto Rico.

    • Denise deserved her crown. But there is just no way she can beat Evelina in the swimsuit round. Evelina has the body of a goddess.

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