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  1. I guess Philippines has 2 reps in Miss Universe Bud ! YIKES !!!!!

  2. and at the same time it says Garrido is the winner. This is fucked up to the max ! LOL

    • oh dear, a big ooopsy…. and whatta big effin mess! I coulda sworn I added those scores correctly last Saturday night… I was never the math whiz in high school you know… or was it the tequila? but whatever, I’m sorry, Denise honey! My bad!

  3. Bud? i read this at Sash. What’s your take on this that due to error in computerized scoring results the day after the coronation that a typo was discovered in the top 5 entries and that the actual final results were:
    Miss Universe Canada 2013 ­ Riza Santos (Calgary, AB)
    1st runner-up ­ Siera Bearchell (Moose Jaw, SK)
    2nd runner-up ­ Diana Martin (Mississauga, ON)
    3rd runner-up ­ Denise Garrido (Bradford, ON)
    4th runner-up ­ Michelle McKay (Sarnia, ON)

    And here is more of that post >>>> We would like to offer our sincere apology to Denise Garrido for this human error discovered while validating the results. Miss Garrido’s example and grace represents all we look for at Miss Universe Canada. We have no doubt she will continue to succeed in her endeavours and we wish her well. We truly hope she remains a strong part of the Miss Universe Canada Organization.

    Beauties of Canada congratulates Riza Santos as the winner of Miss Universe Canada 2013 competition, and looks forward to working with her as she prepares to represent our country at Miss Universe 2013. BOC would also like to congratulate all the runners-up on their proper placements at the pageant, as well as the other 52 extraordinary young women who competed for the title in Toronto.<<<<<<<<<.

    This is so effed up if this is true !

    • This is a big blow to the reputation of the organizers. Despite their apologies for human error, you can’t help but harbor doubts on their succeeding national pageants. On the website, they herald Riza Santos as the rightful winner of the crown, but the previous announcement of Denise Garrido as last week’s winner is still up.

      Be that as it may, I don’t want to make any formal posting yet until I see Riza being crowned winner in a special presscon.

      • DAAAAMN bud ! this is the first time for me to hear such. Am effin dumbfounded man. That sucks for Garrido.

      • What’s worse is that Denise didn’t even place 2nd. She’s 4th for crying out loud. What auditing software do they use?

  4. I like Riza, but based on her credentials being unplaced in MW and ME, I don’t think she will shine in MU.
    Maybe in MI.

  5. She is 25 and can still compete next year… her last, she is turning 26 by August 31… so she is still qualified to join

    By the way… Denise and Riza have the same profile.. But of them are former Ms Earth Canada and former Ms World Canada… it would be interesting if Riza would win next year becoz both of them will be Ms Universe Canada also

    Denise did not do well in the Ms Earth but she is a friend of the pageant… attending the international finals and volunteering work and help the new girls.. she did not make it to the finals but when she joined Ms World, she made it as a finalist… You can see in the pageant that she did not expect to win and was honestly thinking Riza won

    Riza on the other hand was very popular in the Ms Earth, winning many special awards but in the Ms World, she did not do well (at least she made it to the top 30)

  6. The new Miss Canada, Denise Garrido, also represented her country in Miss Earth back in 2008. She didn’t even make it as a semifinalist then. I’m not so sure Denise (now 26) will fare any better in MU.

  7. @Norms
    Will Riza be competing in an international pageant as what other countries do?
    What happened to Sahar B?
    My guess is that MU Canada Judges had a hard time deliberating who’s gonna be crowned, Yet Riza herself has an impressive achievements in profession, personal, community and still counting…

    • Very possible, unless MI’s age limits get in the way. As for Sahar, she did not represent Canada in MU2012. Her 1st runner-up did.

      • Miss International’s age requirements are such that candidates cannot be older than 26 by November 30 of the year they are to compete. Riza will turn 26 in August so that will render her ineligible to compete in MI.

  8. She will complete in Miss International, mostly 1st runner-ups in Miss Universe Canada are sent 2 Miss International. Hope they will send her as well.

  9. I was rooting for Riza. Too bad she didn’t win. Her second place finish is impressive and I congratulate her for a job well done! 🙂

    The new Miss Canada, Denise Garrido, of Portugese and Brazilian ethnicity, is nothing to sneeze at either. A cum laude grad of biomedical sciences specializing in breast cancer research, a concert pianist, and a black belt in taekwon-do, she’s also an artist, a ballroom dancer and has done charity work for poor children in India! LOL! I wish I could have those on my resume! She’s a classic over-achiever. And although Denise wasn’t my favorite to win, it’s not difficult to see why she eventually edged out the competition.

    • Wow, Denise is also well rounded like Ara. Good thing She’s not as pretty! hahaha

      • @closer, well honey, I’m well rounded, too… which is probably a good thing…

      • @Miss Uranus

        I guess that depends on who your talking to.. 😉

  10. Sayang Sir Norms.

    What year did Kirby Anne Basken of Norway joined MU? May pinoy blood din siya right?

    • Kirby is only half-Filipino. She joined in 2007. Two full-blooded Filipinas in one MU edition is more exciting. 😉

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