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  1. Rumors that this will be the last year of Ms. U! Is there a date for the pageant yet?

      • @venus. Where did you hear the rumor that this year will be MU’s last? That would be sad if it were true. As a parting shot, Trump would most likely have a back-to-back win for the USA if this was MU’s final year. Another worst case scenario is if Donald Trump decides to sell the MU pageant to, who else, CHINA!

      • Ms U has been in trouble for years. The lack of interest and ratings drop year after year has not improved even with Olivia’s win. A friend from NYC knows a trump insider and said they are seriously thinking about downgrading the telecast. Maybe it’ll just be streamed online.
        So sad.

    • Runors in the pageant world are a dime a dozen and in 99% of the cases are false – even when they’re accompanied by the phrase “an insider”. If you do a little research you’ll see that in the 8-9 and 9-10 time slots in the US, MU came in second in both time slots. The audience numbers even increased in the second hour. FOX was 1st (talent show) with NBC (MU) in second -ahead of ABC, CBS, and all cable channels which Neilson tallys. The numbers in the US for MU was higher than the previous year. Google Miss Universe 2012 ratings and it’ll validate what I just wrote. With a worldwide audience of over one billion, ONE BILLION, Mr. Trump is a wise enough of a wise man to not give up those numbers and revenue. Also with Farok involved in costs and the revenue generated in Vegas by MU during the Christmas holidays ( when most go home and not Vegas), it’s money in the bank for DT, Vegas, Farok, Planet Hollywood, et.al. Until you see it published, take rumors with a grain of salt,i.e., M. De Leon is handpicked by Madame Stella to be BbPU and all the other rumors that burn like an out of control fire. Just my two cents…

  2. Oooooolala!
    My favorite Hinarani.
    The black-vesion of Rozanna Purcell and Beyonce Knowles-deadringer is ready to conquer the Universe.
    The show is over.
    France for the win.

  3. Beautiful and tall.

    France always seems to send beautiful girls to MU. Except, maybe in 2010, when their delegate rushed down the stairs in the swimsuit round. 🙂

  4. First let me say that i am a hugh supporter and fan of our Ara. That said, Miss France, no doubt, is beautiful and, in most eyes, is a contender. However, like our beautiful Ara, we should wait until the actual competition begins before we start proclaiming winners. Lord knows the stage is littered with so many uber hyped contestants that fell by the wayside the night of the competition. Just this past MU season we watched Ecuador, Caymen Islands, Malaysia, Paraguay, Netherlands, et.at. not make the first cut. Then Croatia and Kosovo didn’t make the second cut. The last cut left out “sure bet” South Africa. The morale of this? Let’s not get carried away with the hype, the uber hype. This includes our beautiful and beloved Ara. Let’s see who begins to shine and glow when the pageant starts. Just pray and send positive eneregies to Ara and believe in the best. Miss France is a beauty but for now, she,like the rest, is only a beatiful picture. Let’s wait for the substance and then make our lists.

  5. Nornan, there was a time when Tahiti, although a French territory, used to be able to field their own delegates to international pageants. Not sure why they stopped since similar territories like Guam and Puerto Rico (both territories of the U.S.), or Wales and Scotland (belonging to the United Kingdom) continue to be able to field their own delegates.

    • I believe Tahiti is allowed their own reps for MI, ME and the defunct Miss Asia/Miss Asia-Pacific. But for the big 2, France overrides their participation.

  6. I’m feeling a Bodine type of Vibe on Rani
    A constant frontrunner on various pageant blogs, and I am sure that our MU Philippines 2013 Ariella will do EVERYTHING come Miss Universe 2013 pageant….
    Ariella…. Continue the magical mantra…
    “For the Philippines”!!!
    As miss France Rani L, will surely get nervous and agitated to see our “Ariella” beeming with confidence, Fierceness, and the Universal beauty that will crown her Philippines’s 3rd Miss Universe!!!
    Oh and add that Ariella will be wearing her Michael Cinco gown come crowning moment….

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