18 comments on “Have you heard of Miss Multinational 2014?

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  2. The pageant is looking for “ladies who do not meet the standards of regular beauty competitions…” so does this mean only average to marginally unattractive looking women need apply? No bikini round? I’m guessing that’s probably a good thing… but I’m starting to get a headache trying to visualize what their front runners might look like…

    • At least now the religiously conservative countries could join..
      I’m sure they have this oh so sexy body and an absolutely beautiful face…
      But, they will be fully covered from head to toe with only their piercing eyes showing..
      through out the whole competition.

  3. international, supranational, multinational – ano ba yan, puro national.

    Next pageant, Miss Nationalnational

  4. Norman, there’s also this new pageant that’s gonna rock big time! It’s called “Miss Abomination International”. One of the highlights of the pageant is a mandatory Santacruzan… And the grand winner will be stoned with rocks at the end of the coronation… 🙂

    (okay, calm down… I’m just kidding…)

    • Dyusmio Barbaridad Perez!
      Magjojoin ako dyan Mars, pag nanalo ko dyan, mag-eexpand ako ng business kong Laing at Daing.
      Balak ko ring magpagawa ng sanctuario para sa mga maeepal, at gagawin ko silang alipin, konting pagkakamali lang ay bubuhusan ko sila ng newly-boiled olive oil.

  5. Maybe this is the pageant that would allow transgenders to join.

    • @Closer honey: how about girls who come from places where the sun don’t shine? Would they qualify?

      • That would be remarkable enough for the pageant’s prestige!.. 😀 Miss Uranus for the win! 😀

      • oh closer, i’m flattered and I’m so luvin it! LMAO! literally!

  6. This new pageant appears to be a combination of Miss AMERICA, Miss EARTH and Miss HUMANITY!

    The pageant’s CEO, Christopher Vincent, is obviously hoping to have his concept & vision of a revamped and redefined pageant. idea acceptable to a wider audience and demographics.

    Hey, no matter what he says, beauty will still play a vital role for the pageant to be successful or sponsors will just pull out!

    I applaud Mr Vincent’s idealistic sentiments and wish him luck, but sincerely wonder if he can really take on and challenge

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