13 comments on “The “other” winners of Miss Tourism World Philippines 2013

  1. Happy for AJ after a failed attempt at the Bininibing Pilipinas 2013.In fairness,BP2013 really had a surplus of beautiful women it was obviously not easy for everyone on pageant night.Anyhow,good luck to this Filipino-Chinese-Polish-Ukrainian beauty and may she rock Miss World Tourism 2013.

  2. Who is Sherry Rose Guanga kidding with that kind of projection in her half-body shot? She can certainly do better than that. And whoever was the mastermind behind dressing Elle Hoffman in that green gown should be fired, the overall appearance was just downright unflattering. Ms. Hoffman was an otherwise smolderin’ beauty, look at that hot swimsuit shot!

  3. Elle Hollman is stunning.
    I wanna see her in BBP.
    A real Filipina beauty.
    She and Rufaida Babudin are the beauties taht the Int’l audience are waiting.
    Kabugera, kudaera, lamunera,lyanera,piranah…bwahaha.

  4. What is the deal with this Ms Tourism World and Ms Model of the World?… The Ms Tourism thing used to be a franchise under the BPCI with Zora Andam and Michelle Reyes (even winning) as representatives….

    I remember this pageant was totally discredited a few years back becoz of too many controversies. There were even criminal charges filed against the organizers.. these allegations were so serious- even one of the host cities/country had some serious issues and legal battles with the organization….. Was this sold to a new owner? Or is this being run by the same officials?…. whatever happened to the cases? this contest was under a long hiatus and now its trying to get its feet back in the beauty pageant business…. I believe explanations are in order specially since we are putting some girls on the line here

    • My understanding is that the title “Miss Tourism World” is now owned and being run by a different group. On the other hand, their Model of the World franchise is for the Turkey-based Best Model of the World competition.

      • That is really good news!!! at least we know that we are not submitting our girls to some dubious group with a record

      • @Norman

        There’s still some question as to Miss World Tourism’s “change of ownership.” The corporate ownership may have changed, but the same people may actually still be running it.

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