23 comments on “Angelee delos Reyes is Miss Philippines Earth 2013

  1. I do not think she deserves the Miss Phil. Earth at all..why? Ms Earth represents our mother earth and promotes conservation and most of all, all about nature..how come she herself is not a natural beauty? Yes indeed shes pretty, smart and sexy(is that all natural)..but to preach about nature and deny that she had plastic surgery done thats one big thing being Miss Earth. Sabi nga diba “you should practice what you preach.” Just saying my opinion. don’t hate.

  2. Norms, Show the interview of Boy Abunda on Angelee….. T5_8p3ZemwY

  3. only comment…can Angelee stop wearing colored contact lenses during Miss Earth…tacky kasi eh!! fake talaga in any shape or form…no one has gray eyes let’s face it.

    Congrats though you deserve the crown

  4. I also love Michael Cinco! I can’t wait for the collaboration between him and BBP.

  5. This Kimverlyn gurl should join Binibini! She has what it takes, regal beauty & a brain to match. She just needs to tone down & she could be that diverse filipina (not a look alike of previous winner) rep for Miss U!

  6. Congratulations to Angelee. She was the most prepared and have the complete package.

    Miss Nagcarlan is a striking beauty. How old is she? I believe MPE has a 2 year contract. Hope she is still qualified for BBP when it ends.

  7. Just like Aiyana, we have an aspirant who brings something new and something better to the table; hindi basta sali ng sali na walang katuturan. I used to think that her nose was distracting (still is) but it’s minimised na with the right styling. Congratulations!

  8. Congratss to Angelee!!! Perseverance is always the key πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I thought th e first runner-up could easily upset Angelee… but Angelee was so prepared, it would have been a sin not to give her the crown!!! At least Ms Philippines would be super competitive in the Ms Earth contest… we have a candidate that cannot be bashed because she is fit, she is smart, she is tall and she is beautiful…. But I also said that to Stephanie when she won ;-( I hope Angelee maintains her figure…. that’s the least she can do after all the hard work and perseverance… it would be a shame if she loose her concentration for the Ms Earth

  9. Great job Angelee… she deserves the crown πŸ™‚
    She can give a good fight for ME 2013…
    You can see how polished she was… really knows how to hit the runway and project herself so queenly.

    I was surprised about the announcements of finalists…
    first 5…. then additional 5…. so shocked when Angelee wasn’t mentioned in the first 5… LOL

    The show was entertaining… advertisements here, there and everywhere! LMAO!

  10. o siya…….buti naman at nanalo na siya. gandang-ganda pa naman siya sa sarili niya.

  11. Finally, Angelee can retire.
    Malaking retirement benefits rin ang makukuha ng hitad, salihan ba naman lahat ng patimpalak.

  12. congrats to angelee but i think the 1st runner up is better πŸ˜‰

    • Huh?.. Yes, the 1st runner up has a pretty face but how about her body?.. Angelee would definitely do better in the the International scene…

  13. Good thing Angelee finally won! The Q&A portion was a tough nut to crack but it was smooth sailing for her.. And this time, she restrained her answers. It is true that it’s easier to skim the cream than magically produce something out of nothing. Again congratulations, you more than deserve it! πŸ˜‰

  14. (Chrome <<<<< full of crap) I knew it bud! I predicted this long time ago.

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