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  1. There’s also the Miss Intercontinental pageant that’s been around since 1971. It’s owned by the World Beauty Organization based in Panama although Germans are supposed to be its actual owners. It’s most famous alumna is Lara Dutta who won the title in ’97 and who eventually won MU in 2000. The pageant’s standards are, however, heavily tipped in favor of Latinas. Venezuela has won the title 4 times already since 2001.

    Norman, do you know if the Philippines will ever send a delegate to this one — or do you think it would be a big waste of time since no East Asian candidate has ever won the title?

    • We actually have a good socio-political-economic relationship with Mexico and Brazil..
      I’m not sure about Panama though… hmmmm

    • One of the two Mutya ng Pilipinas winners is always sent to Miss Intercontinental. Last year’s bet, Camille, did not place though.

  2. This pageant seems to be interesting because the contestants are surely the best among their batches.
    But we can’t deny the fact that there’s no better pageant than the Miss Universe.
    Btw, it just crossed my mind , why in the ehll that delegates of Miss Universe are all from Earth, how about those stunning ladies from the Universe.
    Paging ladies from milky way, galaxy, saturn, pluto, venus, etc.
    If this happens, then I think that the Miss Universe title will be very fitted to be called Miss Universe.

  3. The Bb Pilipinas winners have a contraact of 18 months with BPCI right? I was really hoping that Katrina will join MWP instead and win our country’s first Ms World!!!! But if she has a contract with BPCI that would be an issue… anyway- is BPCI open to accepting new franchise? The addition of MTQI and Supra is a new development which could signal the fact that they are open to new things happening….. getting another franchise would be cool but it would also ential cost…

    Anyway— there is a common thereme here—- We all love Katrina and we believe that she can deliver!!! Cheers to hoping she can wear the Philippines sash in an international pageant anytime soon!!!!

    • I’m sure BPCI will seriously consider Miss United Continent. The organization already has a respectable track record, albeit focused on one continent prior. 😉

  4. I absolutely agree! I think her butt got bigger too.. yummm… 🙂

  5. I agree Katrina should be hand picked as the Philippine representative.

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