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  1. Sige tanungin muna yung design ng tarpaulin bago ka mag design ng gown. Maybe two weeks in advance pwede na sa yo?

    • For the Gold medalist, it was good tailoring but its like our glass chiffon curtain wrapped around a girl wearing a beige mini tube dress. After which, the designer had a poor choice of where to attach the cheap gemstones.
      In case my opinion got lost in translation, I did like the silver and bronze medalist’s gown.
      My comment may border on sarcastic but all this is just my opinion.

      If the background was completely black, then sucks for the unlucky girl who wore a piece that’s completely black.
      I know that the girls did not have a choice of the venue but that’s how you measure a good pageant contestant.
      The more intelligent girl will preempt the situation and make sure that she would wear a piece that could make her look good and stand-out no matter what possible venue and back ground. For those who have an excuse of joining a pageant for the 1st time, lacking the resources, and “I don’t fucking know where the venue is”. My anwer is “don’t join a pageant competition or at least, don’t expect to win”.

      One good example is Mafae Yunon- Belasco, who was Binibining Pilipinas-World 2003.
      She wore her own Versace Gown instead of Alfredo Barraza provided by BPCI on the MIss World pageant in 2003.

      “Mafae Yunon, Philippine representative to the Miss World Beauty Pageant in 2003 wore a red gown that made her exude glowing energy and dynamism. She is full of vibrancy. Her deportment was exceedingly superb and that she was appreciated because of a well-rounded personality.”

      “We have to remember, however, that Mafae (Mafae Yunon- Belasco) utilized all resources possible to insure that she competed with the best of gowns, cocktail dresses, bags, shoes, etc. And with the gracious help of all family members & relatives from the Philippines, USA and Australia, they were able to assemble a fashionable wardrobe without having to spend an arm and a leg. Combined with what BPCI prepared, she enjoyed the luxury of choice. And that privilege doesn’t happen to everyone.”

      She knew that she would end up a clapper if she wore a Barraza gown and so being the intelligent and resourceful girl, she found a solution. She became 4th runner-up of Miss World 2003.

      Again, kung walang laban, wag na sumali!

      Why are you so affected anyway… Did you design any of those gowns?

  2. These gowns are way better than the gowns at BBP. At least they are not ‘recycled’. Though some worked, and some are simple, and some are like WTF, but that’s the beauty of it – you have variation, you have options. And the best part, the gowns are designed by filipino designers. Though I only wish itwas held in a reputable venue and not in a atrium in a mall, but hey, who care.

  3. I think this is the first time that Angelee Claudette did not bag the Best in Evening Gown Award.
    In every contest where she participated, this award always goes to her.
    During Miss Bikini Int’l in China, she got this award, even when she joined the BBP 2012.
    If I’m not mistaken during her Little Miss Philippines stint, she’s also the recipient of this award, also when she joined That’s My Boy.

    Ynes Veneracion, 69, Lukaret Street, Mandaluyong Loob!

  4. GOLD Medalist:
    That’s what Miss Mabalacat is wearing!?!..
    I need a moment of peace and do my Mantra.. “Don’t be a Hater, don’t be a hater!”..
    Ok… no comment..

    SILVER Medalist:
    One should choose the color and design of the whole gown depending on the venue.
    The tarpaulin behind her is quite distracting and overpowers the color of her gown.
    But never the less, it was beautiful… or my choices are quite limited.

    BRONZE Medalist:
    Ok, same issue as the silver Medalist.
    It stands out more because it also doesn’t match the venue.
    I do love the intricate pattern of the gown from afar and looks a lot better as you draw closer.

    Special mentions:

    I love Angelie Reyes of Olongapo’s tiny waist and how the gown cascades down from her hips.
    Too bad the gown was too plain and simple. She could have stood out more with a better gown.

    The Girl from Iligan has a decent gown reminiscent of the old designs of Carrie Santiago.
    She just needs an hour glass figure to pull it off.

    To the designer of Ms. San Pascual, you have to arrange the embellishment to create an illusion of an hour glass figure or else it will just look like a mess. And please, some one should have covered up her kitty.

    To the girl of San Manuel… What happened? (Anyare?!)

    • Tanga naman. I-factor in daw yung tarpaulin design sa design ng gown. Nice one!

      • @Pete

        My opinion is based on the following points:

        1. I have never seen a National beauty pageant where formal long gowns are being paraded in the middle of a provincial mall atrium with only a giant tarpaulin of sponsors used as a backdrop.

        2. This is the 1st time I saw a National beauty pageant where the background calls more attention than some of the contestants.

        3. This is the 1st time I have seen a National beauty pageant where some of the contestants are wearing gowns that look so grade school arts and crafts…

        I sincerely apologize for my complete and utter ignorance of your standards. 🙂

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