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  1. What’s going on?.. How come everyone’s hookin-up these days?!… Pati ba naman sa blog na to?! I should work out more.. I need to change my pic w/ my abs hanging out… Maybe that’l hook me up…

    • There must be something in the air, Closer. And it tickles me that the blog serves as a conduit for “read-between-the-lines” hook-ups. 😉

      • @Chrome and @Casper… both of you guys live a thousand miles apart right?

      • @Closer: Hey dude, lol! What R U guyz talking about? Who’s hookin up where? I’m from Oakland bro. Not sure about that other guy.

      • @Casper LOL.. so you wana know where he’s from? :-D.. Why don’t you ask him yourself?..hehehe

    • sawatdee krap Beside You, Miss Thailand is pretty. Good Luck to her and to your country.

  2. I’m intrigued on the newly crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2013….. She’s Charming and sexy, can you feature her Norms?
    I want to know more about Chalita…
    Specially she’s being compared to my dear Charmaine Elima….. Yes!….. I’ve heard that Chalita is the Charmaine E of Thailand…
    Excited to know more of the CHA OF THAILAND!!!

  3. Bud? look at Miss China Universe finalist, she’s close to looking like a Japanese cartoon. You think this kind of beauty has a chance to win Miss U ?

    • She’s pretty. But too fragile-looking for me. For sure, though, there will be at least one Miss Universe from Mainland China in the future. 😉

      • noh chanis winneh tumoro mehbi fyutyur (doesnt sound like chinese, sounds more like japs) 😉

      • Hey Chrome, that’s exactly what Peter Griffin of Family Guy would say! LOL!

    • Sure, if the Chinese open their doors real wide for Trump and his real estate developers as “incentive” (ka-ching!!). And Indonesia’s already gotten the hint so I won’t be surprised if Whulandary scores a placement (or better) this year.

      • why don’t you open up your door wide homie HUH! and i’ll show ya ka-ching. ..lol 🙂

      • @Casper

        Oh shit, your right! Good thing our economy is doing well right now… I just realized that BPCI should tie up with all our local major corporations for the promotions of their infrastructures, products and services. Similar to the ribbon cutting during mall/building/factory launching in the US and Venezuela where it is publicized with their Miss Universe as their guest of honor. This is for the purpose of promoting a better economy and thus bigger profit for foreign investors thus a good economic ties would give us a better edge w/ the judges who are usually business magnates and diplomats.

        Sa lahat ng Marketing heads na makakabasa nito… Gamitin natin ang ating mga Binibini para maging parte ng ating kampanyang pangalakal para sa ating compania o corpporasyon. Malaki ang maitutulong nito sa kanilang pagka panalo, sa ating economiya at sa kinabukasan ng ating bansa.

      • Chrome, depends which door we’re talking about here homie. How’s that for incentive? Ka-ching!

    • That girl looks like one of those reality show girls whose addicted to plastic surgery.. oh god, I’m starting to become a hater..

      • @Closer2Fame: I wuz kinda thinkin she looked a bit like MJ, or is that the same thing?

      • MJ Datul or MJ Lastimosa?.. I’m proud to say that surgery is not part of our Binibini’s …… vocabulary!… Hahaha

      • @Closer: whoopsy. I forgot there were 2 MJs. LOL! I wuz referring to last year’s MJ, the one with the 6-pack. yeah, Lastimosa.

      • @Casper Yeah, she does look a bit like MJ Lastimosa.. Yes, MJ never had any nip and tuck… 🙂

  4. I sense a “Filipina” aura in her. She’s very charming and exudes a pleasing aura. I like her but I have not yet felt her “outstanding” characteristics which should make her stand out above the rest. I think Thailand though MAY be on the right track. Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand have all geared up for a tough competition for 2013.

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