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  1. Hindi ko type ang ganyang mga poses,kinda boring.
    Dapat may signature poses na hindi makikita sa ibang kandidata, here are some of the poses whichI think will capture the heart and the meticulous eyes of the int’l photographers:

    1.Gabriela Silang Pose: nanlilisik ang mata habang may hawak na basket na may lamang kanin na binalot sa dahon ng saging, 3 itlog na maalat at 6 na kamatis
    2. Andres Bonifacio Pose; legs widely open approximately 169*, with right arm highly raised pointing to the east.
    3.Riza Hontiveros Pose; para lang kalabaw na manunuba na may hawak na alampay na nagbabadyang ihampas sa mga baklang mapanlait tulad ni Basilio
    4.Nancy binay Pose; an invisible pose, as in hindi makita, lam mo na!
    5.Jackelyn Jose Pose;isang pose na walang feeling, di mo mawari kung buhay pa ba or isang wax replica lang.

    I Thank You

  2. What I like about Sir Norman is his being non-biased to a certain Team. He may have featured Aces and Queens and mentioned people he knows personally behind the group but it never defined his choices. He came accross to me at first like being somewhat prejudiced in favor of Gaffud’s girls because of his personal connection among the members but cloud of doubts had been gone when she chose RF’s Charmaine as her BPU. Indeed, his choices are not influenced nor dictated, regardless of his association with some members of a certain beauty camp.

    • Wow, ram, thank you for the compliment! It can be a balancing act at times, but nothing that would make me veer to just one side all the time. I want all beauty camps to gain success every year, even if previous trends already dictate what eventual results may show. 😉

  3. I’m absolutely jealous of you at the moment. 🙂 My only consolation is that I’m living the dream through you. Thank you!!!

  4. Sir Norms, I’m just wondering what’s keeping MJ Lastimosa busy after last year’s pageant?

  5. Ninang Norms, ang laki ng ipinayat mo, si John Cuay rin ba ang trainor mo?
    At ang botox, successful,ganda ng hubog ng cheekbones,para lang geisha.
    Haaay,kung ganyan ng ganyan e dapat ikaw na lang ang ipadala sa Miss Universe, at tyak pag pumasok ka sa semi at Q/A na e mangangabog ka, imagine in 30secs given time e imbes na maglitanya ka e nag-blog ka.
    Tingnan ko lang kung hindi mapa-tumbling si Paola Shugart. 9.999

    Pakisabi kay Mareng Shamcey, bakuran nya si Lloyd, fertile ako ngayon, baka hindi ako makapagpiil ay makain ko ng buo si Lloyd..

    • Thanks for noticing, Basil. Honestly, I lose weight faster when I don’t religiously focus on dieting. Naku, if John Cuay will be my fitness trainer, I should be reed-thin by now. LOL!

  6. HI Norman. ! You’re one lucky soul to meet them all in person. Kainggit .. hehhehe. Thanks for sharing the moments . 🙂 .. Cheers. 🙂

  7. Great to see you Norms being with family of Aces&Queens. It seems that if you’re an Aces&Queens “alaga” there is so much and so many opportunities after your reign as a Binibini winner.
    And indeed Aces&Queens family will be behind every”alaga”all the way which ever endeavors an alaga will choose after her reign…
    “Family that Prays and bonds together stays together”( till the end )!!!
    My dear Charmaine E, have you already decided to move to Aces&Queens….
    I hope so Charmaine……..

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