12 comments on “Just what are the chances of Riza Santos in Miss Universe Canada 2013?

  1. Last year’s Miss Canada Sahar Biniaz (also 26 like Riza) was pressured to step down in favor of the younger runner-up who replaced her. Never mind the “sorry but I sprained my ankle” excuse. There were discrepancies and issues with Sahar’s reported “age” that didn’t sit too well with the Canadian MU organizers enough so that drastic action was taken. The bottom line is that MU doesn’t look too kindly on candidates who have already reached the age limit of 26 or fast approaching the ripe old age of 27 (remember Deborah Henry?). If Canada seriously wants to send a competitive candidate it will have to look at someone other than Riza.

    • Ms Universe 2011- Leila Lopes was 26 when she won Ms U… yes, 27 sounds a bit too old because the girl will turn 28 during her reign, but 26 is not bad… I know its just a matter of one year but thats how it is ….. 17 cannot compete but 18 can

  2. Her chances are good as she has the experience. Her only main rival is Denise Garrido – Miss Canada Earth 2008 and Miss Canada World 2010.

  3. Dang ! she joined all these pageants and no international crown ? 2 things, either not for her or she will win MU 2013. whoa !!! that’s a dagger.

  4. This is what you call a determination at it’s highest level.
    There are some countries in which the winner takes it all and get the chance to represent her country in all major pageants, if I’m not mistaken, Zambia, Zimbabwe,Mauritius,Mozambique and Togo are practicing this.
    If only Riza is from one of these countries, then she won’t be giving this supra effort.
    Riza Hontiveros for the Win, #8 sa balota!

    • Mars, kung nahihirapan kang mamili ng mga iboboto mo, here are my suggestions:

      1. Riza Hontiveros- Henyo ang babaitang ito, gawin ba namang latigo ang alampay, dinaig pa si Juan dela Cruz.
      Wagas ang pagkahenyo, pag nanalo sya, asahan na ang mga latay sa mukha ng mga nasa senado, dahil iuto sa mahiwagang alampay ng hitad na si Riza the Alampay master.

      2. Grace Poe- magalangin ang batang ito, magpapatuli na ko.

      3.Nancy Binay- sya ang kulay ng tunay na Pinay, malulugi ang manufacturers ng glutha pag nanalo ang hitad.

      4. Tintin Cojuangco-botox kung botox an labanan. ang plataporma nya, ‘ipa-botox ang lahat ng may kulubot

      5. Sonny Angara-wala lang, feeling ko kasi ay Dakota sya. bwahaha.

    • Teh,hindi ko type si Miguela, beauty queen rin yan.
      Si Trillanes pwede pa,dakota na, singtigas pa ng oakwood ang sandata.
      Pero ang alam ko ang type mo talaga ay si PNoy, kasi ang gusto ay yung daang ma-tweet at singlaki ni Tweety Bird ang Birdie.
      Basta ang gusto ko ay si Sonny Angara, wagas ang pagkamalinamnam.
      Kumbaga sa Tocino ay Young Pork ang lolo ko.

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